LEDWorker Lighting

To Provide Customized Led Strips, High-Quality Led Strip Accessories and Products, All While Offering Incredible Customer Service.

Our Mission

The Leading Manufacturer of Led Strip Lights

After 12 Years of Operations, LedWorker Has Become a Reliable and High-performance Led Strips Supplier Throughout the Industry. Our Products Have Been Exported to More Than 100 Countries, Ensuring a Solid Market Segment That Fosters New and Return Client Relationships.
The Company Founder Looked Around the Market at the Time and Found That Led Lamps Offered Far More Color, Energy Savings, and Longer Service Lives (80,000-100,000 Hours) Compared to Traditional Incandescent Lamps and Fluorescent Fixtures. This Technology Helped the Founder Create a Company Focused on a Robust Luminous Efficiency That Is Safe and Reliable While Also Offering an Eco-friendly Solution to Other Light Sources.
As the Company Began to Enter the Manufacturing of Led Products, It Was Discovered That the Enormous Demands on Manpower and Material Resources Resulted in Low Production Rates. For More Than 2 Years, Shenzhen Led Work Co., Ltd Focused Its Research and Development on Improving These Production Inefficiencies Until It Became So Well Specialized That Now It Is Able to Offer a Wide Variety of Strips to Consumers All Over the Globe.

LEDWorker Lighting

Shenzhen Led Worker Co., Ltd Is Located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China. Established in 2012, This Industry-leading Company Produces and Processes Advanced Led Light Strips. It Has the Modern Technology and Manufacturing Capability to Handle Bulk Orders of Standard Led Strips and Other Various Forms of OEM / ODM Processing Strips.

Our Story

Our Main Products Are Divided Into Four Categories


The Full Name of the COB Led Strip is: Chip on Board, Which is a Method of Directly Binding the Led Chips to the Pcb Board. The Ordinary Light Strip is Made of Chip on the Support, and Made Into SMD. Then Put the Smd on the PCB. This Saves a Lot of Space on PCB and Cost. Because It Saves Space, More LED Can Be Added. Generally, The 2835 Strip Light Can Hold a Maximum of 120 SMD Per Meter, and the COB Can Hold 640 Chips or More. And Because the Cost of Mounting the Chip on the Support is Saved, the Price of the COB Led Strip is Much Cheaper Than the Same Number of Led Strips.

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⦁ Addressable LED Strip

Led Strips With ICs Are Collectively Called Addressable Led Strips. There Are Many English Names: Addressable Led Strip, Digital Led Strip, Led Pixel Strips, Which Are a Type of Led Strip That Can Achieve Chasing, Flowing, And Magic Color Effects. The Biggest advantage of the Addressable Led Strip is That It Can Control Each RGB or Rgbw SMD Through IC to Achieve the Full Color Effect. Only the Addressable Led Strip Can Realize the Different Colors of Each SMD in on One Strip. We Call It Full Color.

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Neon LED Strip

Neon Led Strip Lights Which Is Silicon Flexible Type, IP67 Waterproof, Anti Yellowing, High Transparent Silicone Deliver Super Clarity and Brightness, Bottom Transparent Window, Visible Cut Point. Specially for Building, Home , Gaming Rooms, Bedroom, Kitchen, Decorate, or Sign Such as: Neon Open Letter Sign, Neon Bar Lights, Neon Word Lights, Personalized Led Sign.

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High CRI LED Strip

The higher the index, the closer it is to natural light. It is more conducive to see the most true colors of things. CRI means color rendering index,R1-R15 it make color more comfortable ,goods more vivid. R9 is red display, the higher R9 ,the better effect of irradiation in fruit,flowers and other occasions. LEDWorker lighting high CRI strip normally higher than 95 even 98.

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Our Primary Customers Fall Into Four Categories

10 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

What are your business terms?

Our business terms are Ex-works / FOB.

When will I receive the products?

This will depend on your order size and whether or not we have completed any customized work. Standard “off the shelf” orders take 3 to 7 days to produce and 5 to 7 days to ship. That is roughly 14 days until you receive the final product.

For custom orders, it takes:

  • 2 days to design
  • 10 days to finish PCB boards
  • 3 days to produce final light strips
  • 3 days to inspect and pack
  • 5-7 days to ship.

That is a total of 14 days to receive the final products. So that is roughly 25 days before receiving the final products.

How about your quality and pricing?

We offer competitive pricing worthy of our top-quality products. We are confident in our ability to produce some of the best LED light strips around and can send you samples for your own review.

How do you handle after-sales issues?

We offer a straightforward after-sales process. If you find a quality control issue, please take pictures to confirm the problem and send it along to our customer support team. We will usually provide free replacement goods that will be sent to your location.

What are your payment terms?

We request 100%TT in advance through PayPal or WU.

How is the product packaged? Can you provide customized packaging?

We use roll about 5 meters of our LED Strip lights into an anti-static bag. From there, we pack each roll into larger boxes containing 50, 80, or 100 rolls. The outer carton is packed in a thickened carton for protection during shipping.

What certifications do your products have?

Our product certifications include: UL, CE, ROHS, FCC, LM80, etc. and are continually updated every time a new rule or standard is issued.

What is the purchase process like?

After you have selected a product, one of our professional sales team members will confirm the type of LED light strip you need, including the number of light beads, voltage, waterproofing level, lighting effect, and any other details you may need.

The sales member will then make a purchase order to confirm the details with you. Payment is then requested after all the details have been verified. In about 3-5 days, we will ship your products and notify you of the tracking number for your convenience. Once you receive the products, we consider the transaction to be completed.

What is the process of customizing products?

We are happy to accommodate most custom orders following a process of:

  • Understanding the unique needs of your order
  • Outlining the project in detail with requirements
  • Confirming the product details and then developing a plan
  • Calculating the price according to the custom work
  • Confirming price with you before moving forward
  • Adjusts any plan needs then creating a PI for you to confirm
  • Once payment is accepted, the project goes into action and begins being created
  • We will ship the goods and send a tracking number for your convenience
  • We consider the transaction completed after goods have been delivered
Do you provide the best LED strip?

This is a common question and probably one of the hardest to answer. Every customer will have a different interpretation of what the “best” means. For engineering, stable quality and good service are the best. For wholesalers and retailers, stable quality and low prices are the best. For designers, LED strips that can be customized are the best.

Our philosophy is to provide quality LED lighting using top-of-the-line manufacturing practices that offer the best solutions for various types of customers. Please speak with one of our sales team members to learn how LEDWorker can fulfill your LED light strip needs.

Led Strip Lights For Your Business

After 10 Years of Operations, Ledworker Has Become a Reliable and High-Performance Led Strips Supplier Throughout the Industry. Our Products Have Been Exported to More Than 100 Countries, Ensuring a Solid Market Segment That Fosters New and Return Client Relationships

How Does Shenzhen LED Worker Co., Ltd Guarantee the Quality?

  • We have undergone CE, LVD, EMC, FCC, and UL certifications with a their-party company specializing in administrating these credentials. We continue to update our certifications terms any time new regulations and standards are introduced into the market to remain a top-tier manufacturer of LED strips that meet market demands.
  • We reinvest in our advanced factory, and bespoke equipment that support our ability to produce more than 500,000 meters of COB LED light strips, and 300,000 meters of SMD LED strips per month. Our COB production line includes 34 die bonding machines, all equipment with related dispensers, board machines, reflow soldering, testing machines, and several custom ovens. Our SMD LED strip production line holds 2 Samsung placement machines, several reflow soldering options, and related modern equipment.
  • At LED Worker, our design and development capabilities are incredibly strong. We pay special attention to product R&D of new products through the collaboration of our team members and joint leadership. A new product is released every three months on average that allows our production process to keep pace with the ever-changing marketplace. Our robust engineering capabilities allow us to provide customers with detailed OEM/ODM engineering design solutions.
  • Over our 10 years of industry experience, we have developed processes that vastly improve our production systems, including:
  1. Testing the VF value and direction of the LED light bead before producing the complete LED strip light. This avoids any faulty or unlit areas of the entire strip.
  2. We pay close attention to the temperature of the solder paste to ensure a strong bond as well as watch the tail scraper after the stencil is applied, so the best amount of pastes is on 2/3 of the scraper. We have the experience to recognize that different PCB boards and brands of solder past require custom reflow temperatures. That is why we repeatedly test samples to confirm the combination of reflow, temperatures, and curve parameters are being met.
  • We guarantee the production of raw materials. Our strict quality inspection standards allow us to meet the relevant laws or environmental standards of the countries we export into. We carefully screen out medium and long-term partners that can reliably provide quality raw materials for our LED strips. This includes manufacturers such as Hongqi. Their large production capacity and excellent reputation ensure our raw materials are perfect for our customer needs. The main cooperation PCBs supplied are pure copper wires above 2oz. That is why we also partner with LED manufacturers like Nichia and Samsung to ensure we always shave inventory on hand for client demands.
  • We are proud to offer safe shipping with firm packaging methods, including:
  1. Product box size of 11 x 106 x 24cm. The weight of the box will depend on different products. For example, a box of IP20 weights about 8kg and a box of IP65/IP67 about 11kg.
  2. We are able to help with product transportation due to our extensive industry experience. We pack all our light strips in anti-static bags into thickened cartons that are sealed with transparent glue. We can add a side strip to reinforce the carton in the cases of longer or wider orders.
  • LED Worker has extended value preservation periods. That is why we offer a product warranty that can be confirmed by pictures or videos after delivery. If the problem is on our end, we will pay the client in full. The warranty period varies between 3-5 years.
  • We employ a strict quality control system to ensure all production standards are being met. This marries our sound production department sales team, QC, and other service processes like:
  • Business Order Confirmation Process
  1. Understand the product specifications and requirements the client needs.
  2. Conforms whether the company’s production technology, product quality, price, delivery time, and any other needs are being met.
  3. Confirm business order and complete release of requirements to PMC (Production and Material Control Department).
  • PMC Order Process
    1. This confirms and reviews the business order, after which the content of the remarks will be printed and released to ensure everything has been completed correctly. Special materials will be marked on the work order to remind the team of subsequent operational needs.
    2. The Process of Sending and Receiving Raw Materials
    3. Confirmation of the color temperature of the lamp beads (conform the batch and PINs to be used).
    4. Order confirmation and signature by warehouse staff (number of lamp beads, circuit board specifications, etc.).
    5. Review of lamp bead arrangement (color temperature of lamp bead used for engineering or quality confirmation).
    6. Confirmation and signature of the receiving personnel (number of lamp beads, specifications of circuit boards, etc.).
  • Production Process of Glue-Dipping and Glue-Filling Products (including light strips and hard light strips products)
    1. Quality confirmation of semi-finished products (all kinds of semi-finished products must be aged at least 1H or tested with glue).
    2. Test before dispensing and pouring glue (to confirm whether there is poor electrical property or color difference).
    3. Aging or test confirmation after pouring glue (aging does not exceed 0.5H, confirm that the product performance is passed).
  • Inventory of Finished Product Delivery Process
    1. Receipt of finished products from the warehouse (look at the list to find the products that meet the requirements).
    2. Confirmation of quality QC (testing or aging of finished products).
    3. Quality judgment (delivery judgment based on aging results).
    4. Packing and shipping of light strips (see order work).
  • Packaging or Logistics Delivery Requirements
    1. Check out the various specifications and packaging requirements listed on the invoice.
    2. Confirmation of product quality before packaging (color and electrical properties).
    3. Timely feedback and handling of any unexpected problems.
    4. Product packaging and shipping.
  • Processing Flow of Abnormal Production
    1. In the event an abnormal report is issued by the unit that discovered the issue, we will immediately find out the cause and give a new handling opinion that can pass the order to the PMC for tracking.
  • Processing Flow of Customer Expectations
    1. In the event a client requests an abnormal description, along with the defective products via images or video, our quality department will analyze the cause and report in a timely manner. This will inform the decision-making of the business to answer the customer and follow up with any changes to the client.
  • Return Processing
    1. When filing in the return order, we ask clients to include the precise reason for the return, and the number of specifications noted. The PMC will process this return, confirm the quality of the bad specifications, and, provided these are consistent with the details of the return order, confirm the underlying cause and offer handling advice. The PMC will follow up with the client concerning replenishment or replacement.
  • SMT Workshop Product Process
    1. The production workshop collects the materials from the warehouse that meet the work order requirements.
    2. The LED lamp beads will complete the dehumidification process of no less than 4H/60 degrees according to the quality requirements.
    3. We will then conduct the SMD job review. That is, the operator needs to carefully check the specifications and process requirements of each material in the work order.
    4. Verify the order materials (whether the received materials are in line with the order, especially to verify the resistance and wiring).
    5. Start the first patch (start to post a small number of products for testing to confirm whether the patch and materials are correct).
    6. Confirmation and judgment of the first piece (the first piece that has been pasted needs to be confirmed by the head of the production department).
    7. Order batch production (operators use the related materials in strict accordance with the order requirements applying quality control standards).
    8. SMD quality monitoring (pass furnace personnel need to do a good job controlling resistor materials and SMD).

LED Worker Work Cases and Customers

We are proud to have many large and well-known local and international clients, including Ford, Best Buy, Volvo, major grocery chains, and large retailers. The following information is a detailed description of a client engineering case:

In October 2017, an Australian customer came to China to visit the factory. Prior to his arrival, he has contacted more than 20 other suppliers and visited each over the course of 7 days. During these visits, our advanced engineering team was engaged in communication with him the entire time. It was because of this transparent and solid communication that the client felt a level of trust with our engineering team. After we confirmed his needs, he chose our company as his supplier. This was to make a beautiful Night Club project with a DMX control system combined with LED strip lights.

During these conversations, we found several technical difficulties to overcome, including:

  • The complete DMS control system needed to work with LED strip lights and matching downlights.
  • The final product needed different lengths and custom-made male and female connectors convenient for installation.
  • The different connection methods of the main control and the sub-control required a targeted connection diagram to facilitate the construction by workers.
  • Configure the most suitable power of the main controller and the sub-controller for the customer due to the power loss caused by the length of the cable.

We proposed the following solutions:

  • Open the board to design the DMX512 downlight that matches the LED strip light for the customer.
  • Make the length of the LED strip light to the customer’s requirements using bespoke male and female connectors of different lengths.
  • As shown below, make a schematic diagram of the connection between the main control and the sub-control.
  • Because of the installation problem, the line is relatively long in some places. We were able to leverage the skill and experience of our engineers to calculate the most suitable connection method between the main control and the sub-control for the customer.

This is one example of how we provide customers with tailor-made engineering solutions while still working side the urgent delivery times of clients. We expedited processing and provided this customer with high-quality products within the specified time. As a result, the project was completed on schedule.

You can see the final outcome by looking at the pictures sent by customers. The LED lights inside are colorful, and the sense of excitement and design flows well between the changing light and shadow. We could not be happier to have our client satisfied with the quality and efficiency of our production process.

We also work with clients on exterior products. For example, we helped provide a unique solution to a client in Sweden. They required an LED light solution that illuminated green when the facility was available and red when it was occupied.

We have completed work in a vintage American bowling alley that needed fun and entertaining lighting for nighttime activities that ended up growing their clientele base.

We have also worked with Norwegian clients who needed bespoke RGB neon strips for a nightclub. The resulting visual display was highly successful.

Every light is every piece of work, and every piece of work embodies our unique thinking and hard work. We are proud to tell you that this is made by LEDWorker Lighting and made in China.