1The main classification of connectors:

In order to help customers cut and connect LED strips better, connectors were born. His main categories are solder free connectors, transparent connectors and hippo buckles. 

(1),Solder Free connectors:

It is a very traditional connector. After opening, you can see that it has two wire clips to clamp the two pads of the led strip. After cutting the led strip, insert it directly into the connector to light up. It is very easy to use. convenient. He has a very wide variety:

According to the number of PINs, it is divided into: 2PIN, 3PIN, 4PIN, 5PIN, 6PIN, corresponding to single-color led strip, two-color led strip, RGB led strip, RGBW led strip and 5IN1 led strip respectively.

According to the shape, it is divided into: cross, L type, T type, one end wiring, two ends wiring. It is easy to choose the appropriate model according to the needs of use.




(2), a transparent connector.

Transparent connector is a kind of connector with transparent plastic + PIN. There are two main forms, one is type A of led strip+wire and type B of led strip+led strip. The available PIN numbers are 2PIN, 3PIN, 4PIN, 5PIN, 6PIN, and the available widths are 6mm, 10mm, 12mm.

led strip+wire

led strip+led strip

(3), Hippo snap connector.

Hippo buckle is also a kind of connector, the available PIN numbers are 2PIN, 3PIN, 4PIN, 5PIN, 6PIN; the available widths are 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm; wired to led strip, and led strip to led strip. It can be said that the range of choices is huge.

2,Advantages and disadvantages of different connectors:

Solder Free connectors : 

Advantages is easy to use, Variety of styles. And disadvantage is: It is only suitable for non-waterproof led strips; 2. When you cover it, it is likely to cover one or two lamp beads. If it is used in a cabinet light , it is likely to have a small dark area; 3, because it is only clamped inside, its external tension is not enough, and it may fall off during long-term use.

Transparent connectors:

The advantage of this transparent connector is that it needs to penetrate the PCB board for connection. Once connected, it is not easy to fall off; in addition, it is transparent as a whole, and there will be no light blocking to achieve seamless docking. The disadvantage is that there is no waterproof style.

Covering The Luminous Surface

Not Covering The Luminous Surface

Hippo buckle:

There are two options: waterproof and non-waterproof. The PCB board width from 5mm to 12mm can be selected, which is a relatively complete product. When used for waterproof led strip, the volume is relatively large, and when used together with aluminum groove, it will not fit into the aluminum groove because it is too large. Compared with the transparent connector, the light transmission is weaker, but it is better than the solder less joint.

3,Installation guide for different types of connectors.

(1), Solder Free connector.

Cut the led strip to the appropriate position—> Peel off the tape of 3M adhesive about 1/4 inch—> Insert the two ends of the LED strip into the middle top position and snap it together—> Cover the cover—> Power on .

(2), a transparent connector.

The third one is the latest connector, this one is suitable for 2PIN regular led strip, cut the led strip to the proper position—> peel off the 3M adhesive tape about 1/4 inch—> two The end light strip is inserted into the middle top position—>Put the pin down, the led strip PCB board is penetrated—>Power on.


1. Cut the COB on the cut mark.

2. Take the 3M tape out.

3. Put the strip with the connector and connect it together.

4.The installation is complete

(3), Hippo snap connector.

The connection method of led strip and hippo buckle:Cut the led strip to the proper position—>Open strip end cover —> Place strip light on PIN —> Clamp cover slowly —> make sure all points are locked well

The connection method of led strip with cable:

Separate flat wire —> Place wire into groove  —> clamp cover slowly —> make sure all points are locked well.

4,How to choose a suitable LED strip connector?

(1), according to led strip selection

Confirm the type of led strip, it is a few PIN led strips. 2PIN for single color, 3PIN for double color or phantom color, 4PIN for RGB led strip or phantom color led strip, 5PIN for RGBW led strip. 5IN1led strip is 6PIN. In addition, according to the width of the led strip, select the width of the connector.

(2), choose according to the use environment

If you need waterproof, you can choose a hippo buckle connector; if you need to not block light, you can choose a transparent connector.

(3), confirm the request

LED strips and connectors are changing with each passing day. If customers have some customized requirements, they can confirm with our professional sales engineers. We will select the most suitable connector for you.

5, FAQ

(1),Are LED strip light connectors universal?

No. different led strip need different connectors.

(2),Can you fix broken LED Strip Lights?

Yes, can be. Just cut the broken LED. And use connect to make it together again.

(3),How many LED strips can I connect together?

Normally not more than 3 meters.

(4), what types of led strips can be connected to the connector?

Single color led strip, RGB led strip, 4IN1 led strip, 5IN1 led strip, Addressable led strips.

(5), Can the connector be placed in the aluminum slot?

Yes, it can be. Just make sure the aluminum profile is big enough for the connector.