How to choose LED Strip lights for Kitchen Cabinets


This is an article specially written for under kitchen cabinet lighting manufacturers, under counter lighting supplier, under cupboard lights suppliers, designers, and engineers. The purpose is to help cabinet manufacturers choose the right LED strip to meet the end customer’s customized needs for light strips. Let us bring it to end customers together. A beautiful, functional, and comfortable room to share our day details and get favorite memories.

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1, The function of kitchen cabinet lights

2, How to choose cabinet lights

3, Common problems in making cabinet lights

4, Customer Case Show

1, The function of kitchen cabinet lights

Kitchen is an important room in our family. Cabinet lights are mainly used for partial lighting and decoration of cabinets. There are five types in total; they are cabinet lighting, operating table and sink lighting, hanging cabinet bottom lighting, laminate lighting, and drawer lighting. , Base cabinet lighting. After years of development, the cabinet lamp has developed from the original simple quartz lamp (spotlight) to today, and it has been realized that each part of the cabinet has a dedicated lighting fixture. At the same time, it has also developed from the original halogen light source to fluorescent light source, and then to today’s LED light source.

Today, with the rapid economic development, people’s awareness of pursuing beauty is gradually awakening. In the field of residential decoration design, people’s pursuit of beauty is mainly reflected in the high requirements of soft decoration. As we all know, lighting design is a very important part of soft decoration design. Although people have different requirements for decoration style, lighting design can meet them one by one.

2, How to choose cabinet lights

LED strips are like a designer’s secret weapon; LED strips light  of various colors are like an artist’s light palette, and LED strip with various functions can be used to show a sense of technology in various spaces. He can play the role of lighting, dividing areas and creating atmosphere. Let the kitchen, as an important part of the home, exude its unique charm. A good cabinet LED strip light should meet the following conditions:

(1), visually it is a line of light, the light is dot free, and CRI is high.

When it plays a decorative role, it does not need a particularly high brightness. Whether you look at it from a distance or close up, you can see that it is a line of light, but you can’t see many points of lamp beads. To meet the visual needs of customers, dot less, no spots can be seen. COB light strips fit this feature very well, 24V, 12V, 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6000K Different widths, different voltages, and different colors of lights should be chosen arbitrarily. A led strips is a light line.

                                                                      V S

At the same time, a good cabinet light must meet certain lighting needs. When used in the kitchen, it must have a high color rendering index to restore the original color of the special body to the greatest extent.

(2), More color choices.

In addition to monochromatic white light COB light strips, there are: more options, including: CCT led strip, RGB COB led strip, RGBW COB led strip, RGB + CCT COB led strip. These LED strips can have more  rich color. COB CCT led strip, you can choose any color that suits you from 2700K to 6500K. It allows people to change the color according to their mood when using the cabinet light. It can be warm white or bright white. The RGB cob led strip can use the controller to call out seven-color colors, while RGBW cob led strip has an additional white light function, which not only has seven-color colors, but also pure white light (non-RGB mixed white light).The 24v RGB+CCT cob led strip light has two more white lights than RGB, not only has colorful colors, but also has a dimming function (you can choose your satisfactory color from 2700-6500K).

(3), Adding technological elements.

More and more customers have demand for technological elements in products. Including: Digital white COB led strip, Addressable CCT led strip, Addressable RGB COB LED Strip, Addressable RGB CCT COB Led Strip. The Symphony series light strips have an IC inside, which has the effect of chasing light. Compared with ordinary monochrome light strips, it has more horse racing functions, giving people a cool feeling. At present, this kind of product is rarely used in cabinet lights. LEDWorker lighting has developed different products, so that more new products can satisfy more different customers.

(4), More specialized options.

                        Neon led strip

Generally, the led tape light are front-facing. And there are some places that are not suitable for the strip led lights with front light, because the light will be blocked by the light-emitting surface. So the 6*12 side-emitting Neon led strip, this small size side-emitting neon light strip has become the most popular cabinet lighting product. There are many options, including 2700K, 3000K, 5000K, 6000K, 12V and 24V.

In addition, we have also developed side emitting COB light strips, including: Side Emitting COB LED Strip light, including: Side Emitting White COB LED Strip light, Side Emitting Addressable RGB COB LED Strip, Side Emitting RGB COB Led Strip. These light strips can be installed on the side without affecting the light emission.

There are some places where ultra thin led strip lights are required. In order to meet the designer’s extreme needs. We also designed thinnest led strip, including: only 3MM wide single-color light strips and 5MM wide dual color COB led strip.

(5), The two most commonly used forms of cabinet lights, including: led strip + aluminum profile and neon flexible strip light. Both products have pros and cons:

Led strip + aluminum profile

Put the led tape into the aluminum profile, and then mount the aluminum profile on the cabinet. The factors to be considered here are: the width and depth of the aluminum profile, the color of the mask of the aluminum profile, the shape of the aluminum profile, the density and color of the led tape placed. We have an article dedicated to this. Please see the link:  , the following two videos can also learn more about the selection of aluminum profile and strip led lights.

The advantage of this form is: rich and varied options, it is convenient for designers to choose different light strips, different aluminum profile, with or without edges, deep aluminum profile or shallow aluminum profile, and different colors of masks to match. There are tens of thousands of different cabinet lights. The disadvantage is that they do not have the flexibility of Neon light strips. Because of the choice of light strips, it is possible to see light spots.

neon flexible strip light

More and more customers like to use neon flex led strip instead of aluminum profile + led strip. Generally speaking, the commonly used specification is the size of 6×12 neon flex strip light. There are more three colors of warm white, pure white and cool white. Because a 6×12 neon light strip needs a 5MM light strip board. So except for the 5MM SMD light strip, other light strips cannot be put in. And we have developed a 3MM single-color COB light strip and a 5-width two-color COB light strip, so there is no problem in making a 6×12  led neon tape size. It has the following advantages: Neon light strips are flexible, softer than aluminum troughs with PVC masks on the surface; neon flexible led strip are made of silicone, which is resistant to yellowing; a neon light strip can replace aluminum trough light strips, cost-effective is similar. But it doesn’t have as many options as aluminum gutters. If some special size or shape is required, we can also make new molds for customers.

3, Common problems in making cabinet lights

(1) The shaded part when connecting the led strip.

After cutting the flexible led strip lights according to your own needs, if you want to connect the remaining light strips for use, there may be shadows in the dark, so cob’s transparent connector solves this problem very well. This kind of connector is a PIN connector, which can not only play a good connection role, but more importantly, it will not block the light. This kind of transparent connector can also be used for the treatment of the corner of tape light. It is easy to install and does not block the light.

Covering The Luminous Surface

Not Covering The Luminous Surface

(2) How bright should under cabinet lights be?

When Cabinet light is only used for auxiliary lighting or decoration, high brightness is not required. Normal 6MM flexible led strip can be made into 70-80LM, and 8MM-10MM led strip can be made into more than 100LM. And Cabinet light only needs about 70LM.

(3) What is the best wattage for under cabinet lighting?

Because the brightness requirements are not high, the wattage requirements will not be high. 6MM width led strip is generally 6W.

(4) What type of lighting is most flattering or desirable?

Now it is a 6*12 neon led strip, and there will be more light strips with a sense of technology in the future.

(5) Should under cabinet lighting be warm or cool?

Warm or cool depends on the customer’s own experience. Mostly warm white. You can also use a tunable white led strip instead of a single-color led strip, and choose your favorite color as you like.

4,Customer Case Show

The following is a real led cabinet lighting case pictures from our customers:

We, LEDWorker Lighting, are willing to work with cabinet manufacturers to develop more cabinet lights suitable for customers. If you encounter some problems in actual use, please ask us. We will conduct actual product tests for your problems and make corresponding solutions reply.

In addition, we will develop new products every three months, and we can send them to customers for free to test whether they are suitable for use. If you need them, please contact us. LEDWorker lighting will continue to improve product performance in order to bring more comfort to end customers.