Staircase LED Strip Lights


Often overlooked in interior decorating, the staircase is actually a great canvas for artistic expression. LED strips are modern fixtures that are tailor-made for staircase lighting ideas, simultaneously illuminating the steps and redefining the image of the staircase.

We’ll explore a variety of stair lighting ideas, including ambient, functional and decorative lighting, to bring endless possibilities to your staircase. Whether it’s cozy warmth, dramatic lighting, or bold statement pieces to suit every taste and design sensibility, we’ve got you covered.

LED strips can be easily installed under steps and stair railings, or on staircase walls as recessed stair lights or LED stair tread lights.LED stair strips are the most beautiful linear lighting fixtures that match the straight line shape of stair steps. It not only illuminates the stair steps, but also provides stunning, evenly distributed lighting that greatly enhances the aesthetics of the staircase and surrounding space.

We offer both indoor and outdoor stair strips.

Our wire-free human infrared sensor controller / remote control with light sensor / tread smart stair controller is a great value for you. It will automatically light up your staircase when you enter the staircase area. Our stair light comes with has a controller and two motion sensors, one for the top of the stairs and the other for the bottom of the stairs, when going up and down the stairs, the motion sensors will trigger the light sequence that has been set up.

The Smart Staircase Light has a sensor that detects you coming from the top or bottom of the stairs and illuminates the staircase in front of you, allowing you to go up and down the stairs safely. The light automatically triggers as soon as someone steps on the first step. For going up and down the stairs at night, a smart stair light can also be a great illumination.