Hope this article will help you find the right led strip aluminum profiles for your projects.

1What is led Aluminum profile?

led strip aluminum profile also called:LED Diffusers Channel or led aluminum extrusions。They are best choice of installation and function companion for LED strip light。The components of the aluminum groove are: aluminum channel, cover, clips, end caps and screws.

2Sort  by Application

(1) Surface-mounted series

Mini size, These Surface-mounted linear fixtures are our hot-selling products with a narrow, low profile. The 118-degree beam angle is ideal for a wide, even spread of light like in cove and wall-washing applications. They can create clean, modern linear designs for retail stores, commercial buildings and residential interiors. Some of them can also be used in conjunction with our tiltable stands. There are includes a choice of clear, frosted or milky diffuser. We also support customized product if you have a good idea.

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(2) Corner light

Corner light fixture series product is a compact, rounded asymmetrical channel with a 120-degree beam angle ideal for a wide, even spread of light. This channel is designed for corner and angled applications and includes a choice of clear, frosted or milky diffuser.

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(3) Cabinet and furniture series

Cabinet lights are mainly used for local lighting and decoration of cabinets. There are five types; they are cabinet lighting, operating table and sink lighting, wall cabinet bottom lighting, laminate lighting, drawer lighting, and base cabinet lighting. Our product line is rich, with side mount, ceiling mount, etc.

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(4) Three-sided light series

The three-sided luminous aluminum profiles give a larger luminous area and meet the designer’s more needs for light. There are many different mounting options for the three-sided illuminated aluminum trough, including: surface-mounted and suspended. Because of the demand for brightness, it is recommended to use high-brightness light strips, or double-row light strips.

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(5) Recessed series

Recessed installation of aluminum profiles can hide the aluminum profiles to achieve the effect of only seeing the light but not the aluminum channels. Provide people with more modern and modern office and home effects. There are abundant products to choose from, different widths, different depths, different colors.

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(6) Stair and in-ground light series

In-ground light, as the name suggests, is to bury the aluminum profiles into the ground. The cover of the aluminum trough of the in-ground light is usually a little thicker. There are requirements for the thickness of the aluminum profiles, which can better protect the led strip light.

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(7) Linear light hoisting series

All items of us can be satisfied with combinations by your willing. There are various installation options (recessed trim and no trim, surface-mounted and suspended) and diffuse or concentrated glare-free light versions, to meet all your requirements. The aluminum profiles also can be customized, there are available for both static and dimmable Thanks to the subtle and purely technical aesthetics, they can be adapted to any architectural environment.

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(8) Trimless light series

Trimles series, This series products fully integrated architectural lighting. it offers unprecedented visual possibilities through Invisible line. The profiles can be easily integrated at a minimum installation depth of only 10mm. The almost infinite three-dimensional matching combinations offer unprecedented freedom to satisfy all creative ambitions.

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(9) Silicone Neon strip series

There are as many kinds of silicone sleeve aluminum profiles as there are neon strips. Its function is to facilitate the installation of the neon light strip, because the neon light strip itself is foggy, so this series does not have a cover.

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(10)Skirting light series

The skirting lights play a visual balance in the room design. Using their linear vision, materials and colors to echo each other, they can beautify the decoration effect and outline the sense of space. Another function of the skirting line is its protection function. The skirting line can better bond the wall and the ground firmly, reduce wall deformation, avoid damage caused by external collision, and it is easier to clean.

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4How to choose Aluminum Profile?

4.1, Choose the Shape of aluminum profile.

Firstly, need decided the shape of LED aluminum channel, surface-mounted shape or corner light. It depends on where you use it? Surface mounted series is the most popular profile, which can be used on flat surfaces; corner light is generally used in corners because it has a 45-degree angle; in-ground light is mainly used on stairs and ground.

In addition, aluminum profile with similar shapes also have different sizes, and the specific shape should be determined according to where they are used, with or without edges, etc.

Many different shape LED profiles

Same shape have different size

4.2, Choose the size of aluminum profile

After determining the shape of the aluminum profile, confirm the size. Similar shapes will have many different sizes to choose from. There are three things to consider when choosing a size:

The first is the length of aluminum profile. The position of the aluminum profile requires the size of the aluminum strip. Usually, we can cut the aluminum profile into the required size according to the customer’s requirements, such as 1M, 2M, 3M, etc. It can also be 1.1M, 1.8M. It is worth reminding here that the aluminum profile is too long, it will be inconvenient to transport, and there will be an extension fee, so when 3M is required, you can consider using two 1.5M long instead.

The second is the width of the aluminum strip. The width of the aluminum strip should ensure that the LED light strip has enough space to fit the strip. Generally, the width of aluminum is as narrow as 5mm to more than 50mm, and it is suitable for various light strips, such as 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and other light strips. In recent years, with the development of the lighting market, its internal dimensions have become wider and wider, such as 20mm, 30mm, and even 100mm. However, due to the actual lighting project, the width of LED aluminum profiles is now more than 10mm.

The third is to consider the depth of the aluminum profiles to determine whether the lighting effect of the led strip light can meet the requirements. Generally speaking, the deeper the aluminum profiles, the better the luminous effect, but the deeper the aluminum profiles, the lower the brightness will be. The following is a comparison chart of the same LED strip with different depths of aluminum profiles. From the above, you can intuitively see the contrast between brightness and effect.

4.3, Choose the cover

The housing of the LED aluminum profile provides protection against dust, moisture and UV radiation for the LED strip inside the aluminum profile. The cover can also be used as a diffuser or lens for the LED strip. There are several different styles of regular face cover: black, opal diffuser, milky diffuser, frosted, transparent, the most popular of which is: milky diffuser, whose main function is to achieve uniform light and avoid glare. With a little milky white, it is not so easy to see the LEDs, and it also has better light transmission.

4.4, Choose led strip

The fourth step is to choose the right LED Strip, including:

Color: The color chosen by the designer, the conventional ones are: red, yellow, blue, green, white, dual-color, 4IN1, RGB or Addressable color, etc. The following are some specially recommended styles:

RGBW 4in1 

Addressable RGB

COB Single Color

COB Dual Color

2835 White

5050 White

Voltage:voltage matching the power supply, 5V, 12V, 24V

Width:Suitable width to fit into the selected aluminum channel

Density of LED:30 LED per meter,60 LED per meter,120 LED per meter,or COB led strips,the more the number of lamp beads, the more dot free.

The most popular LED Strip light, COB LED Strip light, is recommended here. This LED strip has no special requirements for the depth of the aluminum profiles and the color of the cover because of its high lamp bead density and no light spots. Give customers more choices.

2835SMD Led Strip With Aluminum Profile:


   COB SMD Led Strip With Aluminum Profile:

5Advantages of LEDWorker lighting Aluminum profile

5.1, The product variety is rich.

There are many varieties aluminum profile from LEDWorker lighting for customers to choose. There are different sizes, different covers, and different end cups, which can be matched at will, and can be used in cabinet lights, furniture, interior decoration, shopping malls, buried lights, footings, etc.

5.2, A variety of LED strip to choose from.

In addition to aluminum profiles, there are also many types of led strips, ranging from different waterproof grades, colors, PCB widths, voltage, power, LED density, different SMD models, etc.

5.3, OEM, ODM

According to the customer’s requirements, the length and size can be achieved. The led strips is installed in the factory and the test is done. It does not need the customer to weld it by himself, and it can be used after getting it. If you still can’t find your suitable size in our huge product system, we can open the abrasive tool for you and customize the relevant size.

5.4, Material advantage

Thickened aluminum grid, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, cutting without deformation. Milky white diffuser, no glare, no light leakage, high transmittance, yellowing resistance. Over-alkali oxidation process, new material, not easy to age.

5.5, Factory is strong

Because of the variety of styles, even if only 1 ton of aluminum is available for each type, it is a very large inventory. LEDWorker lighting has a stable inventory, which can meet the needs of customers for small batch orders, and the delivery time is also very fast.

6,How to mount LED strip to aluminum profile?

Step 1: Prepare all materials including: aluminum profile, led strips, Cover, cut all materials to the required size.

Step 2: Clean the inside of the aluminum , then tear off the adhesive behind the led strips, and gently align the strips

Step 3: Check whether it can light up.

Step 4: Cover both ends with plugs.

Step 5: Install the end caps and light it up again.

Note: You may face the problem of cutting and connecting when cutting the LED strip. Connector may be used here, for details about Connector, please see:https://ledstriplightmanufacturer.com/led-strips-light-connector

7The difference between thick and thin aluminum profiles for light strips

7.1 The function of aluminum profiles for light strips

Aluminum profiles for light strips provide a housing to protect the light strips and also improve their appearance. The profiles help to diffuse the light and provide a clean and finished look to the installation. Additionally, they offer heat dissipation for the LED lights, which can prolong their lifespan and prevent overheating.

7.2 What is the difference between the thickness and thinness of aluminum profiles for light strips?

Aluminum profiles for light strips provide a housing to protect the light strips and also improve their appearance. The profiles help to diffuse the light and provide a clean and finished look to the installation. Additionally, they offer heat dissipation for the LED lights, which can prolong their lifespan and prevent overheating.

(1)Thick aluminum profile

The thickness is generally 1.0-3.0mm, this profile offers a robust and durable build. The added weight enhances the heat dissipation performance and ensures effective protection for the LED lamp beads. This makes it perfect for installing high-power LED light strips, particularly those with output ratings of 30W/m and higher. Additionally, the thicker profile offers increased stability, providing a more reliable and secure installation.

(2)Thin aluminum profiles

With a thickness ranging from 0.5-1.0mm and a relatively lightweight form factor, these thin profiles are ideal for installation in small spaces. Not only do they beautifully decorate light strips, but they also allow consumers to create smaller, lighter, and more portable lighting options. Perfect for low power LED light strips below 10W/m, these profiles provide the utility and flexibility needed for diverse lighting needs.

7.3 Summarize

When it comes to selecting aluminum profiles for light strips, it’s important to take into consideration the thickness and weight. Typically, thicker profiles tend to perform better in terms of heat dissipation, making them the go-to option for high-power LED light strips. However, if you’re looking to install light strips in smaller spaces and with lower power requirements, then thinner and more lightweight profiles may be a more ideal choice. So, it’s essential to carefully assess your specific requirements before making a purchase decision. By doing so, you can ensure that you choose the most appropriate profile that meets your needs and delivers optimal performance for your lighting applications.

8, FAQ

8.1,Which better? deep or shallow aluminum channel.

This is determined according to the needs. Generally speaking, a deep profile and a milky white cover can better dot free. If you need higher brightness, you can choose a shallow profile + transparent cover.

8.2,Does the shape of the plastic cover matter?

Yes, different covers have different effects. Black Cover has a certain decorative effect. The milky white can make the LED less obvious.

8.3,what led strip density should you use?

The density of the lamp beads is related to the customer’s requirements: if there are requirements for high brightness, it is recommended to use 2835 120 led per meter strips; if there are requirements for dot free, it is recommended to use COB strips; if there are requirements for cost, it is recommended to use 30 led per meter strip.

8.4,How to make aluminum channel high brightness and dot free?

If you wants soft diffuse light with no hot spots and no visible individual LED dots, we can use high brightness led strip with deep aluminum channel and milky cover to achieve your request.

8.5,Can I OEM or ODM the aluminum profile?

Yes, you can, tell us the size you need, the cover color, and which kind of strip do you need. We will make it right size for you.

If you have any request or question , welcome to contact us.