1,What is High CRI LED Strip?

High rendering refers to setting the general color rendering designation of sunlight and artificial standard light sources close to sunlight at 100. The higher the degree of consistency between the color of the same object under the illumination of the measured light source and the color of the standard light source, the greater the Ra, the better the color rendering performance, and the worse the color rendering performance. We generally refer to strip with CRI greater than 90 as high CRI led strips.

2,What is RA?

The color of LED is divided into: red light: 615-650, orange: 600-610, yellow: 580-595, yellow-green: 565-575, green: 495-530, blue light: 450-480, purple: 370-410, White light: White light excited by blue chip 450-465 plus phosphor. Color rendering index refers to: usually called color rendering index (Ra). Color rendering refers to the relationship between the true color of a thing (its own color) and the color displayed under a standard light source. Simply put, it is to judge the color of the LED light to restore the sunlight. The higher the CRI, the closer the light is to sunlight. Therefore, the CRI generally refers to white light.

His full name is: Color Rendering Index. The main color of CRI>95 have : Color: 2600-2800K 2900-3200K 3800-4300K 5000-5500K 6000-6500K. The wider the range is when it is white or even bluish. For example: 2600-2800K only differs by 200K, but 6000-6500K differs by 500K. The color of the light bar is consistent within this range. The more warm color the better to make higher CRI. It’ means if you need make CRI>98, to make 2800K is easier to make 6500K.

3,R What Does R1-R15 represent?

R1 to R15 in the color rendering index represent the color in sunlight, respectively.

Color name Munsell number

R1: light grey red 7.5R 6/4

R2: dark grayish yellow 5.0Y 6/4

R3: saturated yellow-green 5.0GY 6/8

R4: Medium yellow-green 2.5G 6/6

R5: light blue green 10.0BG 6/4

R6: light blue 5.0PB 6/8

R7: lilac blue 2.5P 6/8

R8: Magenta 10.0P 6/8

R9: saturated red 4.5R 4/13

R10 Saturated Yellow 5.0Y 8/10

R11 Saturated Green 4.5G 5/8

R12 Saturated Blue 3.0PB 3/11

R13 Caucasian skin tone 5.0YR 8/4

R14 Leaf Green 5.0GY 4/4

R15 yellow skin tone

The color rendering index Ra is the average value of the color rendering index of the first 8 colors. LED Strip for special applications have higher requirements for R9 saturated red 4.5R 4/13.

4,What’s the TLCI?

The TLCI index(the Television Lighting Consistency Index) refer to the camera’s ability to distinguish colors, reflect the camera, the degree of light color reception and reproduction.

The TLCI index can be used to test the spectral energy distribution of the light source through a spectral radiation tester, and then use software to calculate the TLCI test result.

5,Manufacturing process of High CRI LED Strip

(1) Preparations for SMD flexible LED Stripproduction:

  • Carefully read the order requirements and confirm that the voltage requirements of the light bar are 5V/12V/24V.
  • Test the VF value, direction, and display index of the LED.
  • Prepare resistors and capacitors

Solder the LED and resistor, and then use a multimeter to test whether the current is normal. 

(2) Printing solder paste 

(3) SMD(SM421S)。

(4) Intermediate inspection link. It is necessary to pay attention to check the polarity of the LED on the LED strip (with or without reverse), whether there is any offset in the mounting, whether there is a short circuit, whether the resistance value is correct, etc. 

(5) Reflow soldering(M6/S6)。

(6) Detection of PCB semi-finished board.

(7) Connect Cables

(8) Blown white heat shrink tubing

After soldering, put a white heat shrink sleeve (15mm) on the joint. The heat-shrinkable tube can be placed next to the lamp (without covering the lamp beads). Tighten the heat shrinkable sleeve with a hot air cylinder.

(For more information, please see the blog link: https://ledstriplightmanufacturer.com/what-is-the-manufacturing-process-of-led-strips )

6,How is the High CRI LED Strip tested?

The inspection of high CRI strips is mainly divided into three parts: Raw material inspection, semi-finished product inspection, and finished product inspection.

After getting the raw materials, you need to check all the details of it, the VF value of the lamp beads, the color temperature, the brightness, and the color rendering index. The appearance, thickness of the PCB board, the width of the PCB board, and whether the pads are easy to be tinned. The tube thickness, softness, and width of the casing in line with the PCB board. After make strip with SMT machine, it was made into a semi-finished product, and the half panel was tested to confirm that there was no virtual welding. The final product inspection includes: aging test, (usually 4 hours), product spot check to confirm voltage, color temperature, brightness and other parameters again.

7,Advantages and disadvantages of High CRI LED Strip.


The higher the CRI, the closer to natural light. It is more conducive to seeing things in their truest color.

From the test report of LEDWorker’s high CRI led strip light, it is not difficult to see that the display index of the strip is quite good, and the R9 also reaches 94.5 at the same time:

  • 2835 Adopts the Whole Luminescence Scheme, With High Luminous Efficiency and a Luminous Area of 9.18mm, Which is Twice the Size of 3528 Light Beads.
  • 2835 Brightness High, Single One Can Reach 22 Lumens (LM), the Brightness is 2.8 Times of 3528 Lamp Bead, and 1.8 Times of 3014 Lamp Bead.

7.2 ,  Disadvantages

  • Can not be used as waterproof glue, the glue on the surface will affect the color temperature and cause color drift.
  • Because it is necessary to screen the CRI above 95 in all lamp beads, the relative cost is relatively high.

8,Types and characteristics of High CRI LED Strip.

  • According to SMD:3528 / 2835 SMD, 5050 SMD,5630 / 5730 SMD,2110 SMD

2835 SMD

5050 SMD

5630 SMD

2110 SMD

3528 SMD

5050 Double Row SMD

  • According to different SMD QTY: 30 LED,60 LED,90 LED,120 LED,160 LED , 240 LED。

2835 120 LED

2835  160 LED

2835 240 LED

  • According to Colors: 2700K,3000K,5000K, 6000K。

  • According to the CRI : there are 80,90,95,and 98 CRI。




9, FAQ

9.1,Can the High CRI LED Strip be Waterproof?

High CRI strips are generally not waterproof with glue, because the glue for waterproof glue is silicone, which will slightly change the color of the light strip and change the display index of the light strip. Therefore, it is not recommended for the strip to be waterproof with IP65 glue, and the casing and extrusion glue are good choices, which can achieve the waterproof function without affecting the CRI.

9.2,Can the High CRI LED Strip be cut?

The High CRI led strip can be cut like other SMD strips. Cut according to the position of the scissors.

9.3,Working life of High CRI LED Strip

The service life of High CRI led strip is the same as that of ordinary LED strip, which is 50,000 hours.

9.4,What are the color temperature segments of the conventional High CRI LED Strip? 

High CRI > 95. Color: 2600-2800K   2900-3200K   3800-4300K    5000-5500K    6000-6500K

9.5,How to install High CRI LED Strip

(1) Paste Installation:
This Installation Method is Generally Used for the Waterproof Environment,
And the High-Viscosity 3m Adhesive is Attached to the Back of the Lamp Strip,
Which Can Be Directly Pasted on the Required Solid. The Surface of the Media.

Easy to Use and Easy to Install

Tear Off the Adhesive Tape

Paste to Where You Need to Install

(2) Snap-on Installation:
This Installation Method is Suitable for the Casing Waterproof Product.
The Product is Fixed by the Screw Transparent Buckle to Make the Installation Firmer

Accessories (Clips+Screw+Screwd-Diver)

Put the Clips on the Strip

Fixed the Clips

10,The application place of  High CRI LED strip

The main score of the CRI: CRI>75; CRI>80; CRI>90; CRI>95.

Generally speaking, most light strip can already do 80 CRI, and few are lower than 80 CRI. The 90 CRI is between 90 and 95, and the price is much lower than the 95 CRI, but the CRI is still quite good. 90 CRI can be used in places that require CRI, such as interior decoration. Lighting, strong background. 95 CRI is mainly used in places with high requirements for color reproduction, including: photography lights, photography places.

LEDWorker Lighting supports a variety of customized design solutions, the customizable range includes: color temperature, brightness, CRI, number of lights, board width, waterproof level, etc., please feel free to contact us.