• Comply with the DMX512 standard
  • Digital numeric display, set DMX decode start address by
  • RDM function can realize intercommunication between DMX master and decoder. Forexample,

DMX decoder address can be set by DMX master console.

  • 1/2/4 DMX channel output
  • PWM frequency 2000/500Hz
  • Logarithmic or linear dimming curve
  • Stand-alone RGB/RGBW mode and 4 channel dimmer mode selectable, whichbe controlled by buttons with built-in programs, instead of DMX
  • Greenterminal, XLR3 and RJ45 port DMX signal
  • Over-heat / Short circuit protection, recover

Technical Parameters

Input and Output
Input voltage 12-36VDC
Input current 32.5A
Output voltage 4 x (12-36)VDC
Output current 4CH,8A/CH
Output power 4 x (96-288)W
Output type Constant voltage
Operation temperature Ta: -30 OC ~ +55 OC
Case temperature (Max.) T c: +85OC
IP rating IP20
Safety and EMC
EMC standard (EMC) EN55032:2015, EN61000-3-2:2014, EN61000-3-2:2013, EN55024 :2010/A1:2015
Safety standard(LVD) EN 61347-1:2015

EN 61347-2-11:2015

Certification CE,EMC,LVD
Warranty and Protection
Warranty 5 years
Protection Reverse polarity

Over-heat Short circuit


System parameter setting

  • Long press M and ◀ key in the same time for 2s, prepare for setup system parameter: decode mode, output PWM frequence,

output brightness curve, automatic blank screen. short press M key to switch four item.

  • Decode mode: short press ◀ or ▶ key to switch 1/2/4 channel decode mode(“d-1″,”d-2” or “d-4”). When set as 1 channel

decode, the decoder occupy only 1 DMX address, and four channel output the same brightness of this DMX address.

  • Output PWM frequency: short press ◀ or ▶ key to switch 500Hz(“F-L”) or 2KHz(“F-H”).

Higher PWM frequency, will cause lower output current, higher power noise, but more suitable for camera(No flflickers for video).

  • Output brightness curve: short press ◀ or ▶ key to switch linear curve(“C-L”) or logarithmic curve(“C-E”).
  • Automatic blank screen: short press ◀ or ▶ key to switch enable (“bon”) or disable(“boF”) automatic blank screen.
  • Long press M key for 2s or timeout 10s, quit system parameter setting.

DMX mode

  • Short press M key, when display 001~999, enter DMX mode.
  • Press ◀ or ▶ key to change DMX decode start address(001~999),long press for fast adjustment.
  • If there is a DMX signal input, will enter DMX mode automatically.
  • DMX Dimming: Each D4-XE DMX decoder occupy 4 DMX address
when connecting the DMX console.For example, the defaulted start address is 1,their corresponding relationship in the form:

DMX mode


DMX Console DMX Decoder Output
CH1 0-255 CH1 PWM 0-100% (LED R)
CH2 0-255 CH2 PWM 0-100% (LED G)
CH3 0-255 CH3 PWM 0-100% (LED B)
CH4 0-255 CH4 PWM 0-100% (LED W)

Stand-alone RGB/RGBW mode

  • Enter stand-alone RGB/RGBW mode only when DMX signal is disconnected or lost.
  • Short press M key, when display P01~P30, enter stand-alone RGB/RGBW mode.
  • Press ◀ or ▶ key to change dynamic mode number(P01~P30).
  • Each mode can adjust speed and brightness.

Long press M key for 2s, prepare for setup mode speed,

brightness, W channel brightness.

Short press M key to switch three item.

Press ◀ or ▶ key to setup value of each item.

Mode speed: 1-10 level speed(S-1, S-9, S-F).

Mode brightness: 1-10 level brightness(b-1, b-9, b-F).

W channel brightness: 0-255 level brightness(400-4FF).

Long press M key for 2s, or timeout 10s, quit setting.

Stand-alone RGB/RGBW mode



(8 level)


(10 level,100%)

Stand-alone dimmer mode

  • Enter stand-alone dimmer mode only when DMX signal is disconnected or lost.
  • Short press M key, when display L-1~L-8, enter stand-alone dimmer mode.
  • Press ◀ or ▶ key to change dimmer mode number(L-1~L-8).
  • Each dimmer mode can adjust each channel brightness independently.

Long press M key for 2s, prepare for setup four channel brightness.

Short press M key to switch four channel(100~1FF, 200~2FF, 300~3FF, 400~4FF).

Press ◀ or ▶ key to setup brightness value of each channel.

Long press M key for 2s, or timeout 10s, quit setting.

Stand-alone dimmer mode


Restore factory default parameter

  • Longpress ◀ and ▶ key for 2s, restore factory default parameter, display”RES”.
  • Factory default parameter: DMX decode mode, DMX decode start address is 1, four channel decode, highPWM frequence output, logarithmic brightness curve, RGB mode number is 1,

dimmer mode number is 1, disable automatic blank screen.

RGB change mode list

No. Name No. Name No. Name
P01 Static red P11 Green strobe P21 Red yellow smooth
P02 Static green P12 Blue strobe P22 Green cyan smooth
P03 Static blue P13 White strobe P23 Blue purple smooth
P04 Static yellow P14 RGB strobe P24 Blue white smooth
P05 Static cyan P15 7 color strobe P25 RGB+W smooth
P06 Static purple P16 Red fade in and out P26 RGBW smooth
P07 Static white P17 Green fade in and out P27 RGBY smooth
P08 RGB jump P18 Blue fade in and out P28 Yellow cyan purple smooth
P09 7 color jump P19 White fade in and out P29 RGB smooth
P10 Red strobe P20 RGBW fade in and out P30 6 color smooth

Malfunctions analysis & troubleshooting

Malfunctions Causes Troubleshooting
No light 1. No power.

2. Wrong connection or insecure.

1. Check the power.

2. Check the connection.

Wrong color 1. Wrong connection of R/G/B/W wires.

2. DMX decode address error.

1. Reconnect R/G/B/W wires.

2. Set corrrect decode address.

Uneven intensity between front and rear,with voltage drop 1. Output cable is too long.

2. Wire diameter is too small.

3. Overload beyond power supply capability.

4. Overload beyond controller capability.

1. Reduce cable or loop supply.

2. Change wider wire.

3. Replace higher power supply.

4. Add power repeater.