• AC phase-cut mosfet dimmer with DMX512 function, two channel output.
  • Comply with the DMX512 standard protocols.
  • Digital numeric display, set DMX decode start address by bottons.
  • RDM function can realize intercommunication between DMX master and decoder.

For example, DMX decoder address can be set by DMX master console.

  • 1/2 DMX channel output selectable.
  • Reverse-phase dimming or forward-phase dimming selectable.
  • Minimum brightness set from 1% to 40%.
  • Stand-alone dynamic mode and 2 channel dimmer mode selectable,

which be controlled by buttons with built-in programs, instead of DMX signal.

  • To dim and switch single color dimmable LED lamps, traditional incandescent and halogen lights.

Technical Parameters

Input and Output
Input voltage 100-240VAC
Output voltage 2 x (100-240)VAC
Output current 2CH, 1A/CH
Output power 2 x (100-240)W
Dimming data
Input signal DMX512
Dimming level 256 levels
Dimming range 0 -100
Safety and EMC
EN 55015:2013
EMC standard (EMC) EN 61547:2009

EN 61000-3-2:2014

EN 61000-3-3:2013
Safety standard(LVD) EN 61347-2-11:2002

EN 61347-1:2015

EN 62493:2015
Certification CE,EMC,LVD
Operation temperature Ta: -30 OC ~ +55 OC
Case temperature (Max.) T c: +85OC
IP rating IP20

User Manual

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