• 24 channels constant voltage output, Max. 5A current per channel, up to 2880W output power.
  • Master & decoder mode, RDM function.
  • Easy operation with OLED display and 4 buttons.
  • DIM/CCT/RGB decoding mode selectable.
  • PWM frequency 250/500/2000/8000Hz selectable.
  • 16bit (65536 levels) /8bit (256 levels) grey level selectable.
  • Output dimming curve gamma value 0.1-9.9 selectable.
  • Stand-alone RGB mode and 24 channel dimmer mode selectable,

work as DMX master(8 bit) to control other decoders.

  • Built-in 10 RGB programs, speed and brightness adjustable.
  • Comply with the DMX512 standard protocols.
  • DMX signal optoelectronic isolation / amplify.
  • Over-heat / Over-load / Short circuit protection, recover automatically.
  • With fast self-testing function.

Technical Parameters

Input and Output
Input voltage 12-24VDC
Input current 120.5A
Output voltage 24 x (12-24)VDC
Output current 24CH,5A/CH
Output power 24 x (60-120)W
Output type Constant voltage
Safety and EMC
EMC standard (EMC) EN55032:2015, EN61000-3-2:2014, EN61000-3-2:2013, EN55024 :2010/A1:2015
Safety standard(LVD) EN 61347-1:2015

EN 61347-2-11:2015

Certification CE,EMC,LVD
Operation temperature Ta: -30 OC ~ +55 OC
Case temperature (Max.) T c: +85OC
IP rating IP20
Warranty and Protection
Warranty 5 years
Protection Reverse Polarity                               Over-heat                                           Over-load                                             Short circuit

OLED screen interface

Short press MODE key, switch between DMX decoder mode, Dimmer mode and RGB controller mode.

Short press SETUP key, enter parameter setting state, and switch between multiple parameter item.

press < or > key for parameter adjustment.

long press SETUP key or wait 30s to quit parameter setting state.

Long press M & > key for 2s, enter fast self-testing.

Long press < & > key for 2s, restore factory default parameter.

DMX decoder mode

DMX decode start address:

Range: 001~999

DMX decode mode:

DIM (1CH single color) CCT (2CH color temperature) RGB (3CH)

Output PWM frequency:

Std (2KHz)

High (8KHz)

Mid (500Hz)

Low (250Hz)

Higher PWM frequency, will cause lower output current,

higher power noise, but more suitable for camera(No flflickers for video).

Grey level:


16bit (choose it if the DMX master support 16 bit)

Output dimming curve(Only valid for 8bit Grey level):

Standard (Gamma 1.6)



It is recommended to use standard,

0.1-9.9 is for special requirements.

DMX master mode as 12 channel dimmer

Each channel brightness setting:

Range: 0-255


press < or > key to switch between previous or next page, each page 3 channel.

DMX master mode as RGB controller

Dynamic RGB mode:10 kinds

Mode speed:Range: 1-10 level

Mode brightness:Range: 10%-100%

Dynamic RGB mode list:

No. Name
01 White chase jump
02 White synchronous fade
03 White chase fade
04 R/G/B/W synchronous jump
05 R/G/B/W chase jump
06 Color synchronous gradual
07 Color jump gradual
08 R/G/B/W synchronous fade
09 R/G/B/W chase fade
10 All mode loop play