• Comply with the DMX512 standard
  • Digitalnumeric display, set DMX decode start address by
  • RDM function can realize intercommunication between DMX master and decoder. Forexample,

DMX decoder address can be set by DMX master console.

  • 1/3 DMX channel output
  • PWM frequency 2000/500Hz
  • Logarithmic or linear dimming curve
  • Stand-aloneRGB mode and RF mode selectable,

which be controlled by buttons with built-in programs, instead of DMX signal.

  • Alsomatch with RF 4G single zone or multiple zone RGB remote control.
  • Greenterminal, XLR3 and RJ45 port DMX signal input.

Technical Parameters

Input and Output
Input voltage 110-240VAC
Input current 4.6A
Output voltage 3 x (110-240)VDC
Output current 3CH,1.5A/CH
Output power 3 x (165-360)W
Operation temperature Ta: -30 OC ~ +55 OC
Case temperature (Max.) T c: +85OC
IP rating IP20
Safety and EMC
EMC standard (EMC) EN55032:2015, EN61000-3-2:2014, EN61000-3-2:2013, EN55024 :2010/A1:2015
Safety standard(LVD) EN 61347-1:2015

EN 61347-2-11:2015

Certification CE,EMC,LVD
Warranty and Protection
Warranty 5 years
Protection Reverse Polarity

User Manual

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