Product Features:

Input Voltage: AC110—220V.

Output Voltage: (Optional) DC5V, DC12V, DC24V.

Signal Input: 100M Ethernet Interface, Which Can Be Connected to ARTNET Signal and DMX Signal at the Same Time. (When There is Signal in ARTNET Mode, the Initial Interface Displays “>>>”, While When There is No Signal, It Displays “No Signal” and Flashes. In SD Card Mode, the Current File Name and Playback Speed Are Displayed.

Signal Output: 4-Core Cannon Head Interface, Pin1: GND, Pin2: B, Pin3: A/DAT, Pin4: VCC.

Cascaded, up to 64 Sets.

Setting Mode:

Press the MODE Key to Enter the Setting Interface and Exit the Setting, Select UP and Down the Setting of DOWM and UP Keys, and Confirm and Return the Parameter Setting of SET Key.

Product Specifications:

Item Unit Min. Typical Max.
Input voltage V 110 220
Output Voltage V 5 24
Output Power V 110 200
Number of Cascade  — 85
Operating Temperature -20 55
Storage Temperature -20 55
Weight g
Gray 256
Pixel pcs 680
Color Black
Size(MM) 320 * 62 * 50mm

Product Details:

Art-Net Controller is an Ethernet Driver Based on the Artnet Protocol. It Can Convert Network Packets in Artnet Protocol Into Standard DMX512 Data or SPI Data Controller. Single Port Output, Up to 680 Pixels. And Can Be Recorded on the Line Effect, Up to 31 Recording Effect, Can Be Called Through DMX Playback Effect, Speed, Brightness, Etc.


  1. It is Widely Used in LED Dot Matrix and Stage Lighting Control Network Which Needs a Large Amount of DMX512 Data.
  2. Ethernet Port Can Input ARTNET Signal and DMX Signal at the Same Time.
  3. Recording Effect Can Be Used Offline. Record up to 31 Effects.
  4. The 8 Channels of the DMX Controller Control the Playback Effect, Playback Speed, Brightness, R, G, B Mask, Strobe and Recording Recorded By the Controller.
  5. The Controller Has IP Setting Function (Default IP Address:
  6. Start Universe Can Be Set, and Output UP to Four Units.
  7. DMX Address Can Be Set. A Controller Occupies 8 DMX Channels.
  8. Control IC Model Can Be Set, CL05, DMX512, WS2811, UCS1903, GS8208, UCS9812.
  9. Single-Port Output, Three Channels Can Be Set to Output 170Pixels, 340Pixels, 510Pixels, 680Pixels. Four Channels’ Maximum Output is 512Pixels.
  10. Can Be Set One LED One Pixel, Two LEDs One Pixel, Three LEDs One Pixel, Four LEDs One Pixel.
  11. Output Channel Can Be Set: RGB, RBG, GRB, GBR, BRG, BGR,
  12. Can Be Cascaded UP to 64 Sets Through Network Switches.

Application Scenario:

It is Widely Used in LED Dot Arrays and Stage Lighting Control Networks That Require Large Amounts of DMX512 Data.


  1. Before Installing the Product, Make Sure the Installation Surface is Clean;
  2. When the Computer Connected to ART-NETt, Pay Attention to the Connection Mode;
  3. When Install ART-NET, Ensure the Level is Maintained With the Horizontal Level;
  4. Network Cable and Strip Light Should Not Be Wrongly Connected;
  5. The Crystal Head is Pressed by T568B Mode;
  6. Avoid Live Operation When Installing.