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Product Features:

● Plant photosynthesis:The process of converting energy into organic compounds through chemical reactions involving light energy and substances such as carbon dioxide.

Promote growth:Through photosynthesis, it absorbs light energy, synthesizes sugars and other organic substances, provides energy and nutrients for plants, and thus promotes plant growth and development.

Prevent excessive growth:Use appropriate lighting conditions to effectively control light on plants, promote balanced nutritional development of plants, and avoid excessively long branches and slender stems.

Color and increase yield:By using appropriate lighting conditions and spectrum combinations, we can promote the synthesis and accumulation of pigments in plants, thereby enhancing the color of flowers and fruits and improving their quality. At the same time, we can also increase plant yields and improve production efficiency.

Product Specifications:

Spectrum: Full Spectrum(400nm-700nm)
Light Source: 2835/3535
LED Quantity: 2835SMD Warm white:420pcs
2835SMD Cool white: 114 pcs
2835SMD Blue: 6pcs
3535SMD Red:12pcs
Light Dimensions: 30*1500mm
Light Output PPF: 155 umol/s
Efficiency: 2.2 umol/Watt
Power:  65 Watts/pcs
Voltage: DC12V~48V
Moimting Height: 30cm
Dimming:  0-100% Dimming
Warranty: 3 years

Product Details:

1. Full spectrum plant growth lights help you easily create a healthy indoor plant environment


This plant growth lamp contains 2835SMD warm white light, 2835SMD cold white light, 2835SMD blue light and 3535SMD red light, a total of 552 LEDs, each wavelength has its specific function

● Warm White Light (3000K):Boosts plants blooms makes flowers bigger and zore yeild
●Cool White Lihgt( 5000K):Promotes plants germination
●RED Light:Promote pho tosynthesis
●Blue Light:Promotes plant growth and development

2. Customizable plant spectrum

Different plants require different spectra. We provide plant lighting solutions based on the spectrum required by customers.

3.Before and after comparison of plants using lamps


5 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

1 , What is the difference between a full spectrum light and a grow light??

Full spectrum light refers to all wavelengths of light that include the entire visible light and near infrared and ultraviolet spectra. It can provide all light bands that are beneficial to the human eye and plant growth, including blue light, green light, red light, etc.

Plant growth lights are lamps designed specifically for plant growth. They mainly emit spectrum combinations that are beneficial to plants, such as red light, blue light, etc., which can provide the light energy and light color required by plants. Plant growth lights are generally designed for the needs of plant growth. Parameters such as spectrum combination and light intensity are adjusted according to factors such as plant growth characteristics and growth stages.

2,Can plants grow without full-spectrum light?


Yes, plants can grow without full-spectrum light. In the natural environment, plants can adjust their growth and flowering time according to the intensity and wavelength of different light. However, if there is a lack of natural sunlight indoors or at night, there is a chance that it will affect the growth of plants.

3,Are white LED lights full spectrum?

LED luminaires that emit a “white” light are often referred to as “broad spectrum” or “full spectrum” lights because they include a broad band of the light spectrum (more similar to the sun) which renders a “white” light (there are no true white wavelengths).

4 , What is the best LED light to grow plants?

The most suitable LED lights for plant growth should have red and blue light, be able to provide the right amount of light intensity, and have good heat dissipation performance. At the same time, because different plants have different spectrum and light requirements during growth and development, the selection of LED lights should be based on the specific plants and actual growth needs.


5,How long do LED grow lights last?

LED grow lights typically last for 50,000 hours or more.