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Product Features:

  • 5V, RGB, built-in IC, one light and one control
  • Data transmission 40MHZ/S, PWM refresh rate 27KHZ/S.
  • HD107S is cost-effective, popular in the market, and has a large shipment volume.
  • The pressure drop is 50% lower than similar products.

Product Specifications:

Part No: Input Voltage IC type LED Quantity IC QTY PCB width: Color Max Power Min Cut IP Grade Control signal:
LW-D0011 5V 30 30leds/m 30 10mm Addressable RGB 9W/M 33.08mm IP20 SPI
LW-D0012 5V 60 60leds/m 60 12mm Addressable RGB 18W/M 16.54mm IP20 SPI
LW-D0013 5V 72 72leds/m 72 12mm Addressable RGB 21.6W/M 13.88mm IP20 SPI
LW-D0014 5V 96 96leds/m 96 12mm Addressable RGB 28.8W/M  10.41mm IP20 SPI
LW-D0015 5V 144 144leds/m 144 12mm Addressable RGB 42W/M 6.9mm IP20 SPI


Products Details:

01 . 5V, RGB, built-in IC, one light and one control

This is 5V addressable led strips, it’s RGB type, inside IC, one light control individually. HD107S has built-in IC SMD LED, each LED is addressable, one IC control each LED can be controlled individually.

02 . Different between APA102 and HD107S

  • HD107s RGB 5050 LED refersh Rate 27KHZ,Transmission Rate 40M HZ
  • APA102 refersh Rate 20KHZ Transmission Rate30mHZ
  • HD107S, high brightness, low voltage drop,APA102, low brightness, obvious voltage drop

03 . Data transmission 40MHZ/S, PWM refresh rate 27KHZ/S.

The controller controls the circuit on the FPCB circuit board through the IC chip to achieve the effect of LED lighting, (chasing, running water, running discoloration, breathing, flashing, clockwise horse racing), running counterclockwise, simulating lightning, fixing color, etc., Data transmission 40MHZ/S, PWM refresh rate 27KHZ/S.can be suitable for customers to use in home decoration, bar, KTV decoration, garden landscape, sports venues, exhibition halls, hotels, villas and other use environments.

04 . Wiring: HD107S 4PIN

  • HD107S Wiring:4PIN Connector and extra red / black power wires,red wire 5V (V+) yellow wire: signal wire, green wire: Backup data signal input, black wire: ground wire GND) The extra two are spare power cables, red 5V (V+), black 5V negative (V-)

05 . Customizable in various sizes

Cutting and welding is convenient and free: each LED can form a loop, which can be arbitrarily cut and welded along the above tangent to meet the needs of various light strip lengths required by customers

06 . Waterproof levels

It can be made into a variety of waterproof levels, dripping waterproof (IP65), all-inclusive casing waterproof (IP67), plastic injection in the casing (IP68), and the latest extrusion molding (IP68)

07 . Flexible PCB

  • HD107S Using the most flexible FPC as the base material, FPC has good electrical conductivity, fast heat dissipation, bending resistance, and can be arbitrarily bent into any shape。
  • Double Layer Pure Copper Flexible Circuit Board is Adopted to Ensure Excellent Conductivity and Extremely Long Service Life of the Lamp Strip.

08 . Dimensions:

5V-30 LEDs/M

5V-60 LEDs/M

09 . Connect Drawing:

The Installation:

(1) Paste Installation:
This Installation Method is Generally Used for the Waterproof Environment,
And the High-viscosity 3m Adhesive is Attached to the Back of the Lamp Strip,
Which Can Be Directly Pasted on the Required Solid. The Surface of the Media.

Easy to Use and Easy to Install

Tear Off the Adhesive Tape

Paste to Where You Need to Install

(2) Snap-on Installation:
This Installation Method is Suitable for the Casing Waterproof Product.
The Product is Fixed by the Screw Transparent Buckle to Make the Installation Firmer.

Accessories (Clips+Screw+Screwd-Diver)

Put the Clips on the Strip

Fixed the Clips

· Please Consult an Electrician Before Doing Any Electrical Worker.
· the Strip and Its Components Cannot Be Mechanically Pressed.
· Correct Electrical Polarity Needs to Be Addressed.
· Pay Attention to ESD Precautions During Assembly.
· Installation Should Be Done by an Electrician.

· The LEDs Should Be Kept at ≤86°f and ≤70%RH.
· When Storing the LEDs Use Moisture Proof Packaging.

Accessories Display:

Hippo Buckle


Aluminum Trough

Power Supply

Application Scenario:


10 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

1, What is the HD107S?

Digital LED strip HD107s, we call it high speed addressable led strip. it’s 5V input and RGB color.  The color bits is 8.16, data rate 40Mbps, PWM frequency >26KHZ. The HD107S LED has a built-in reset circuit and power failure reset circuit.


2, What are addressable RGB?

Addressable led strip which is RGB color we call it’s addressable RGB, it’s have 3PIN, 4PIN input. Different IC all can make RGB strips. There also have RGBW led strip.

3, What is the difference between addressable LEDs and RGB LEDs?

Addressable led strip means the strip have IC inside, it can control every single led, you can control every led with different colors. But all the LED on the RGB led strip only can light same color on the same time.

4, How many pcs led per meter?

HD107, HD108 have 30 / 60 / 144 led per meter type. It’s inside IC type.

5, Can any LED strip be addressable?

No. RGB led strip without IC inside, there can not be addressable. Addressable led strip means there have IC on it, so it can be control different in every LED colors or every group colors.