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Product Features:

♦ Colo:2700/3000/4000/6500K
♦Optic Lens:30°, 45°,Optical lens light, to achieve different lighting requirements;that can be bent forward and side.
♦ Silicone Extrusion Technology,Silica gel two-color co-extrusion technology, cutting window design, easy to cut and use;that can be bent forward and side.
♦Can Replace the Traditional LED Strip to Achieve the Effect of Wall-washing

Product Specifications:

Part No: Input Voltage Size Color Beam angle Cover Material Max Power Min Cut IP Grade Operating Temperature:
LW-1616-30° DC24V 16*16mm 2700/3000/4000/6500K 30° Silicon 16W/M 42mm IP67 .-25℃ to +45℃
LW-T1616-45° DC24V 16*16mm 2700/3000/4000/6500K 45° Silicon 16W/M 42mm IP67 .-25℃ to +45℃

Products Details:

01. Positive Emitting Flexible Wall Washer, Size is: 16*16mm

Our LED Flexible Wall Washer size of 16*16mm and offer color options of 2700/3000/4000/6500K.Optic Lens:30°, 45°,Optical lens light, to achieve different lighting requirements;

02. Silicone Extrusion Technology

Silica gel two-color co-extrusion technology, cutting window design, easy to cut and use; use and customize to your specific needs. Additionally, we utilize module lens and silicone design to provide high flexibility and innovative 3D modeling capabilities that can be bent forward and side.

03.  Advantage:Can Replace the Traditional LED Strip to Achieve the Effect of Wall-washing

The traditional rigid LED linear light, commonly known as the LED wall washer, has inherent limitations due to its inflexible and bulky aluminum profile design. Its fixed length of one meter makes it impractical for installation on curved or irregularly shaped walls. Not to mention, the cost of packaging and transportation makes it difficult to produce units as long as 2 meters or more. However, with the flexibility and lightweight design of the flex LED wall washer, these limitations can be overcome. Its sleek and adaptable profile makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of lighting projects.

Rigid LED Wall Washer

Flex LED Wall Washer

04. Waterproof Connectors

Male and Female connectors easy connect by hands, and good for waterproof. With this can make the whole strip waterproof.

05. Customizable in various sizes

We can make different length as customer request. The shortest length is 1cm. The longest length is 20M -30M powered both end without voltage drop.

06. IP67 waterproof, can used for outside.

After installing the flexible LED Wall Washer outdoors, you should pay close attention to waterproofing, aging, and any thermal expansion/contraction due to inclement weather. The waterproof treatment done at our manufacturing center is different depending on the type of molding performed. The one-time forming adds waterproof connectors and a stainless steel round hoop reinforced plug at the line opening to strengthen the waterproof performance. The double forming is bought, then cased according to your customized order. Special attention will be paid to the waterproofing at the interface location during processing. There is more information available about waterproofing below.

07. Silicon material good for Anti UV.

PVC and silicone neon strips are primarily used in the current market. PVC has a lower cost for production but is not as resistant to yellowing or aging as we would like. Silicone is more resistant to yellowing and comes in at a slightly higher cost. Our LED Flexible Wall Washer have: Resistance to yellowing, aging, high and low temperatures and can be used in harsh outdoor and indoor environments.Corrosion-resistance, resistant to weak acids and alkaline salts.Proven waterproof performance with a waterproof grade IP67 standard.

08. Different accessories that are useful

End caps in different directions, Straight out, left out, right out, better for instal.

Screw and clips easy for install.

Alumium bar for easy install.


Connect Drawing:

The Installation:

Alumium bar installation:

Accessories (Clips+Screw+Screwd-Diver)

Fix the Aluminum Tank

Put in the Linear Light

Buckle Installation

Accessories (Clips+Screw+Screwd-Diver)

Fixed Clips

Install the Linear Light

Fixed the Linear Light


SC Controller

SA Repeater

 R9RF Remote

Power Supply


Mainly used for wall washing, lighting, hotels, shopping malls, home furnishing, cabinets,Display racks, key lighting, indirect lighting, recessed lighting, contours Lamps, decorative lighting and other places.


5 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

1, What is LED Wall Washer Light?

Wall washer (LED wall washer), as the name suggests, is a lamp that can make the light wash the wall like water; it is mainly used for decorative lighting and light effect beautification of construction projects, such as commercial buildings, hotel clubs, bridges and docks, etc. to outline the outlines of large buildings.

The wall washer mainly redefines its projection distance and light-gathering uniformity by adjusting the two-way light angle of the LED light source through the secondary light distribution. In terms of light effect, it belongs to “surface light”.

2, Can I cut the flexible LED wall washer light?

We offer complete customizability on the length of our wall washers. Please note that our flexible wall washers cannot be cut.

4, When should you use LED wall wash lights?

Ideal for creating a sleek, sophisticated look, our wall wash lighting can help you create a stunning focal point for your wall hangings while also smoothing out any imperfections you want to conceal. Say goodbye to unsightly blemishes and hello to a beautifully illuminated space that captures the attention of your visitors.