• 4 built-in 350W Mean Well power supplies, no external power supply is required for led strips or led pixel strips.
  • Support a variety of pixel control IC, flexible control.
  • Multi-channel SPI (TTL) / DMX signal output, maximum 5440 pixels.
  • Support network standard protocol ArtNet.
  • Support MadShow, Madrix, Resolume, Mapper, Grandama, Hog4.
  • Support to modify the controller IP and universe, which is convenient for cascading use.
  • You can set multiple light sources with one pixel and delete pixels.
  • The SD card records 31 effects and supports offline use.
  • LCD menu display and button setting interface, easy to operate.
  • Support DMX512 and SPI.
  • Output channels: RGB, RBG, GBR, BRG, BGR, RGBW
name unit Minimum requirements typical maximum
Working voltage (V) V 85 220 265
Output power (V) V 24 volts
Power (W) in ^ 1400 watts
port: A 8
pixel A 512 * 8
Grayscale (gray) 256 256 65536
Support ArtNET Space A 32
Control System DVI or Artnet DVI
Storage temperature °C -20 55
Operating temperature °C -20 55
housing Black aluminum
Size (MM) Mm L : 345 Width: 120 Height: 310


Controller installation instructions:

  • The 804PS power supply directly inputs the external power supply. It has a built-in power supply.
  • The signal input directly comes from the external controller signal, and the output can be cascaded below the PSU signal input.
  • 804PS matches our led pixel bar and rainbow tube, no external wiring is required, and easy to install.
  • The network cable crystal head is the international 568B model.
  • The maximum pixels of each port is 512.
  • The output port of 804PS is a four-core Cannon head hole output, use our extension cable one side cannon one easy connect our products.
  • After the power is turned on, the power indicator is on, the control signal is normal, and the signal indicator flickers

Function Explain

1.When using the 804PS, pay attention to the working mode of the power supply and the position of the dial switch.

2.According to the control mode to select the connection.

3.If the PSU is not working, please check the external wiring, and control part settings.

4.Non-professionals do not disassemble, or the consequences.

Controller packing:


Packing details:

Outer box: 400 x 400 x180mm Gross weight: 6.7KG Net weight: 5.7KG