Product Description:

This mini IR 24-key WIFI controller is a new way to use your Smart lighting system。As a member of the series, it is manipulated by connect to wireless router. This is designed to make using your smart lighting system much easier and more convenient. No matter where you are, when it is, you can always control them. Functions like 16 million colors, 20 dynamic modes, music, and picture color recognize.

Technical Parameters:

  • Working temperature:-20-60℃
  • Input voltage:DC5-28V
  • Output:3/4circuit
  • Connection mode:Common anode
  • controller size:53mm*24mm*11mm
  • remote size:L85×W52×H7mm
  • Net weight:45g
  • Gross weight:50g
  • Static power consumption:<0.5W
  • Output current:<4A(each circuit)
  • Output power: 5V:<60W, 12V:<144W, 24V:<288W(3circuit)

Direction for use:

  • Connect the load wire at first,following by the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power;
  • The key functions are as below:
Symbol Key note Symbol Key note Symbol Key note Symbol Key note
Brightness  Brightness Off On
Static red Static green Static blue Static white
Static orange Static pea green Static dark blue Strobo flash
Static dark yellow Static cyan Static brown 7 color jumpy change
Static yellow Static light blue Static pink 7 color fade change
Static straw yellow Static sky blue Static purple

3 color jump


Steps for reorder the sequencing:

1、If you want to change the output channel, the steps are as follows: repower the controller on; when the press the key G for 2 to 3s,the light flashes, long flickering white light

means you’ve successfully change the output channel to GRB; Similarly, long press key B

change the channel to BGR, will sequence; long press key R to RGB sequence.

2、In the RGBW version, press W key for RGB and white light; long press W key for 2 seconds will switch to W channel.

1.Support for 16 million kinds of color and Brightness adjustment control
3.Support for color and dynamic mode
Customization and preservation
4.Group synchronization control function
5.The switch time, static ,and dynamic display of 
the light can be set
6.Lights and music sync functions
7.A variety of built-in dynamic model, and the 
custom dynamic model
8.Remote control function
9.The microphone sound control function
10.The camera takes the background color and the
setting of the scene