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Product Features:

1. High efficency and reliability,no stroboscopic.
2. 100% full load burn-in test.
3. Protection:Over load/Over voltage/Short circuit.
4. Long life time warranty for 3 years.

Product Details:

1,ordinary non waterproof power supply

* 220~240VAC input                                                                         *12V, 24V
* 25W to 360W chooice                                                                  * Metal case, with IP20 level    
* Economical design                                                                           * -30~70℃ wide operation range
* Suitable for economical LED lighting and moving sign applications      * 2 years warranty

Model Input Voltage DC Voltage Rated Current Rated Power package
LW-25-5/12/24 220-240V 12V/24V 2A/1A 25W 12V: 125g
LW-48-24 220-240V 24V 2A 48W 180g
LW-60-12 220-240V 12V 5A 60W 370g
LW-75-24 220-240V 24V 3A 75W 125g
LW-100-12 220-240V 12V 8A 100W 370g
LW-150-12 220-240V 12V 13A 150W 470g
LW-200-12 220-240V 12V 17A 200W 510g
LW-250-12(FAN) 220-240V 12V 21A 250W 700g
LW-360-12/24 220-240V 12V/24V 30A/15A 360W 790g

2 , Mean well non waterproof power supply


( 1 ) LRS Series

  • Non-PFC, most economical models
  • Ultra compact and 1U low profile
  • 300VAC input surge
  • No load power consumption: 0.2W~0.75W
  • 5G vibration, 70℃ operation
  • Operating altitude up to 5000 meters
  • Complete safety certificates: IEC/EN60335-1(PD3),IEC/EN61558-1, -2-16; IEC/EN/UL62368-1 and GB4943


 ( 2 ) , RSP Series

  • 1U Low profile with active PFC function: 75W~320W: 30 mm, 500W: 40.5 mm
  • Built-in constant current limiting circuit (RSP-75/100/150)
  • Built-in remote ON/OFF control (RSP-75/100/150/500)
  • Built-in remote sense (RSP-500 only)