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Product Features:

  1. Adopt brand LED chip,low light decay,lifespan more than 25000 hours
  2. Color:RGB ;
  3. All of materials are accord with RoHS standards
  4. Easy to install and preserve;can be bent freely; with 3M adhesive tape on the backside
  5. High color efficiency, uniform illumination
  6. beam angle 180°,
  7. IP68— waterproof

The high brightness COB led strip:

Part NO: COB127
LED Qty: 840pcs per meter
Input Voltage: DC24V
Power 18W
Color: RGB 3 in 1
PCB color: White
PCB Width: 10mm
IP Grade: IP68
Operating temperature: .-25 to 45℃
Beam angle: 180 degree
Certification: CE; RoHS
Max Run: 5M
Size 5000*12*6mm

Products Details:

1.  Made of high-quality glue

It can ensure the transparency and strength of the product, ensure its high transparency, present high brightness and high strength during the lighting process to ensure its durable quality, and prevent yellowing and fading, so that the product can maintain its original appearance and brightness, and can still maintain good results after long-term use.

2. Solid extrusion process

smooth and uniform appearance, stable and reliable performance, product size is 5000*12*6mm, easy to install, lightweight and portable, and the length can be customized according to the size of your swimming pool.

3. Extruded Silicone waterproof

IP68 waterproof rating, can be used underwater for a long time, can effectively prevent the product from being damaged in a humid environment, safe and reliable to use, simple to maintain.

4 . Salt spray test

Salt Spray testing is a laboratory test method that simulates corrosive conditions in marine or industrial environments and is used to evaluate the corrosion resistance of materials and coatings.

During the test, the sample under test is placed in a brine spray chamber and subsequently heated and sprayed using a heater and compressed air.

Experimental procedure:

1.Check the test appearance

2.Debugging equipment test parameter

3.Trial in progress

5. Very nice color

6. Dimensions:

7. Connect drawing:



The installation:

1. This Installation Method is generally used for the Non waterproof Environment.
2. The High-viscosity 3m Adhesive is Attached to the Back of the Strip
3. It’s can be directly pasted on the Required Solid.

Easy to Use and Easy to Install

Tear Off the Adhesive Tape

Paste to Where You Need to Install


Power Supply

Aluminum Profile





Box Size: 43*43*35cm 100 reels per box

Weight: IP20: 12KG

5 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

1, What is the RGB COB LED light Strip?

RGB COB LED strip means to make three colors of R, G and B on the same PCB board. The need for any color of the strip, or the need for gradient programs is realized through the RGB controller. There are currently two main ones: 630 and 840 lights per meter. 630 lights are 24V 10 wide PCB board, 18W per meter. The difference is that the 630 is relatively cheap, but the color of the 840 is better. The following video shows you the changing effect of RGB COB led Strip.

Is the IP68 LED Silicone Strip Light safe when underwater?

The IP68 LED Silicone Strip Light operates at low voltage DC24V, reducing the risk of electrical hazards. This makes them safe for use in and around water.

3, How to tell if LED strip lights are waterproof?

Generally speaking, when you’re purchasing an LED strip light, you can see its level of waterproofing on the part that presents the product details. Overall, it is mainly divided into non-waterproof, waterproof against drops and splashes, and completely waterproof

What is the estimate delivery time?

We generally ship within 2 weeks after the order is confirmed to ensure timely and convenient delivery experience for customers. However, during peak production periods or for products involving customized processing, delivery time may be slightly delayed. At this time, we will take the initiative to contact customers to communicate details such as delivery time in a timely manner, and will do our best to speed up production to meet customer needs.

5, Do you provide free samples?

Yes, we provide samples of regular led strip.