Product Description:

RF Single color dimmer is a controller that can adjust brightness infinitely and change to flash, its control mode is wireless control, you could adjust light to the appropriate lighting brightness in accordance with your actual need.

Technical Parameters:

  • Working temperature:-20-60℃
  • Supply voltage:DC5V,12V~24V optional
  • Output:1 channel
  • Connection mode:Common anode
  • Controller size:L115×W56×H34mm
  • Package size:L120xW84xH45mm
  • Net weight:110g
  • Gross weight:130g
  • Static power consumption:<1W
  • Output current:<8A
  • Output power:5V:<40W;12V:< 96W;24V:<192W

External Dimension:

(Controller size)

(Remote control size)

Interface Specifications:

Power input interface: 

Adopt red and black clips for interface.

Load output interface:

Adopt red and black clips for output interface.

Direction for use:

  • Connect the load wire at first,following to connected the power wire; Please ensure short circuit can not occur between connecting wire before you turn on the power;
  • Adopt wireless control, each press, the light flashone time, its function as follows:
Symbol Button Name Instruction
Brightness up When the controller is on, press this key to increase the brightness of the output load.
Brightness down When the controller is on, press this key to increase the brightness of the output load.
On/off The output switch,turn on or off the controller output at any state.
  • Besides,every dimmer is already match code with the unique remote(the ID in the remtoe and dimmer are the same),if the user want to match code again, then just need to press these two keysat the same time within 6 second when

Typical Applications:


  • This products Input voltage is DC12V,other input voltage are not allowed.
  • Lead wire should be connected correctly,according to the wire color and the connecting diagram offers.
  • Overload are prohibited.