• Ultra sensitive color adjustment touch slide
  • Smooth dimming and switch without any flflickering
  • Auto-transmitting function: Controller automaticly transmit signal to another controller with 30m control distance
  • Synchronize on multiple number of controllers
  • Magnet on the back which can be easily stuck on back holder or any metal surfaces

Dimming control connection

Technische Parameter

LED Dimmer
Input voltage 12 -24 VDC
Input current 10.5A
Ou tput voltage 2x(12-24)VDC
Output current 2CH,5A/CH
Output power 2x(60 -120)W
Output type Constant voltage
Remote Control
Output signal RF(2.4GHz)
Working voltage 3VDC(CR2032)
Working current 5mA
Standby current 10μA
Standby time 1 year
Remote distance 30m
Dimming data
Dimming level 4096 levels
Dimming range 0 -100
Dimming curve Linear
PWM Frequency 500Hz
Safety and EMC
EMC standard (EMC) EN301 489,EN 62479
Safety standard(LVD) EN60950
Radio Equipment(RED) EN300 328
Certification CE,EMC,LVD,RED

User Manual

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