Dimmer adopt the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital dimming technology, especially design for single color led strip. Adopt full touch RF remote control. 5 function buttons and 1 dimming ring in the center, all buttons are in the touch form, and the dimming ring has 128 levels in different brightness value. Particularly, there is a sense light in the remote control center. It shows the exactly light which was be touched. As the led strip is the same brightness level. Further, there are 3 dynamic modes in the mode button, and the speed is adjustable. In order to achieve the market need, the synchronization work of more lamps, it is designed the conjunction-sync-work function with RJ45 connecter, user-friendly.

Product Feature

  • Adopt PWM technology, and the dimming ring in the center has 128 levels in different brightness value, smooth and flicker-free.
  • High watt output design, up to 1*25A/ 300W.
  • Easy connection to achieve multiple dimmers sync-work by RJ45 terminal.
  • Adopt RF remote control technology and full touch design.
  • Designing for: LED constant voltage single color product like LED single color strip.
  • 3-year warranty.

Technical Parameters


Working temperature -20-60℃ Supply voltage DC12V-24V
Static power consumption <1W Connecting mode common anode
Grayscale 256 levels Speed stage 100 grade
External dimension L127*W41*H32 mm Packing size L147*W85*H73 mm
Net weight 240g Gross weight 320g
Output 1 channels Output current ≤25A
Mode 3 Remote distance Up to 20M
RF frequency 433.92Mhz Memory function support
Max. Output power 12V:<300W;24V:<600W

Remote control

Working temperature -20℃~60℃ Supply voltage DC4.5V(AAA*3pcs)
Standby current <8uA Working current <30mA
Standby power <36uW Working power 135mW
Net weight 90g RF frequency 433.92MHz
External dimension L113*W55*H22 mm RF distance ≤20m

Interface Specifications

1、Power and load interface

2、RJ45 synchronization interface

Direction for use

Adopts RF full touch control, with one dimming ring and 5 function buttons.

Tips: Without any operation more than 20 seconds, the touch remote will enter the sleep state, please  SHAKE the remote to wake up it before the next using.

The function of each button as below:

Name of key Instruction
ON ON in any time
OFF OFF in any time
Mode The mode will move to next, when touch the key each time
Speed/Brightness + The Brightness will +1, when  touch the key each time
Speed/Brightness – The Brightness will -1, when touch the key each time
Dimming Ring Touch any brightness value which you want


Tips: Receiver can be controlled by any one the same remote as factory default; full touch remote control delivered with unique RF code as factory default; if unique-control is needed, please matching the code before installation and using.

  Matching code operation

Power off , Then Power on , Press this key  3 times , Then the led strip will be flash . This shows that you can control the receiver

Typical Applications

Application Circuit1:


  1. Supply voltage of this product is DC12-24V, never connect to other voltage.
  2. Before power on, please make sure the wires are connected correctly according to connecting diagram. Or (like: short-circuit connection, positive-negative reverse) will damage the device.
  3. Warranty of this product is two years, but exclude the artificial situation of damaged or overload working.