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Product Features:

  • RGB+W+WW (RGB+CCT) 5in1 Flexible Led Strips Solution.
  • This New Designed LED Components Make the Flexible LED Strips Have the Great Advantage of Bravo Color Mixing Performance and Big Innovative.
  • Implementation of 7 Colour Change at the Same Time Can Have a Pure White Light. Single Point of Single Control, High Gray Level, and Can Achieve a Variety of Beautiful Effect. Achieve Pure White While Changing Different Colors. For Magic LED Strips.
  • Each IC Controls Each LED, High Gray Level Realize Various Lighting Effects.
  • High Flexibility:
  • It Not Only Can Be Entangled and Wound in Three-dimensional Space Without.
  • Breaking Freely.also Applied to Be Installed in Irregular Places and Narrow Spaces.

Product Specifications:

Model NO.
Power Consumption:
24 W/M
Work Voltage:
Work Current:
Beam Angle:
LED Encapsulation:
SMD 5050 Epistar Brand
LED Quantity:
60 LEDs/M
Color :
5in1 5050 RGBWWW
FPC Color:
Yellow or White or Black PCB
LED Rated Power:
0.4W / LED
Waterproof Grade:
IP20/IP65 / IP67
Work Temperature:
-20 to 60 DEG
Light Decay:
Less Than 3% After 3,000H
50,000 H
Every Roll:
3 Years

Product Details:

1. Our SMD LED Use Copper Base and Gold Wire Which Provide Good Heat Dispersion, Long Life Span and Low Luminous Decay.
2. Our Flexible PCB Are All High Quality Double Layers PCB, at Least 2 Ounces, or 3 Ounces in Particular Models.
3. We Always Require Same Bin Number SMD LEDs for Different Production Batches for the Same Customer.
4. We Have Everfine Integrating Sphere to Test the Color Temperature of Incoming SMD LEDs and Put It in Our Qc Records for Every Batch. Normally 5 Macadam LED is +/-100k
5. We Can Produce 3 Macadam Led Strip / Tape as Customer Request.

· Please Consult an Electrician Before Doing Any Electrical Worker.
· the Strip and Its Components Cannot Be Mechanically Pressed.
· Correct Electrical Polarity Needs to Be Addressed.
· Pay Attention to ESD Precautions During Assembly.
· Installation Should Be Done by an Electrician.

· The LEDs Should Be Kept at ≤86°F and ≤70%RH.
· When Storing the LEDs Use Moisture Proof Packaging.


Luminous flux information applies only to white LEDs. Color LEDs are measured in mcd, rather than lm. Contact a sales representative for assistance.



Connect Drawing:

Waterproof Level:

Applicable to Dry Environment

Applicable to Wet Environment

Applicable to Water Environment

Applicable to Flooded Environment

The Installation:

(1) Paste Installation:
This Installation Method is Generally Used for the Waterproof Environment,
And the High-Viscosity 3m Adhesive is Attached to the Back of the Lamp Strip,
Which Can Be Directly Pasted on the Required Solid. The Surface of the Media.

Easy to Use and Easy to Install

Tear Off the Adhesive Tape

Paste to Where You Need to Install

(2) Snap-on Installation:
This Installation Method is Suitable for the Casing Waterproof Product.
The Product is Fixed by the Screw Transparent Buckle to Make the Installation Firmer.



Put the Clips on the Strip

Fixed the Clips

Accessories Display:

Hippo Buckle


Aluminum Trough

Power Supply

Application Scenario:

  • Architectural Lighting for Canopies, Corridors, Archways, Windows.
  • Downlighting or Uplighting for Wall Wash Applications.
  • Backlighting or Edge Lighting for Signage.
  • Edge-Lighting for Glass.
  • Under-Cabinet, Toe-Kick, In-Cove Moldings.
  • DIY Projects.
  • Safety Stair Tread and Step Marking.
  • Decorative Lighting for Holidays, Tradeshows, Exhibitions.


Box Size: 11 * 106 * 24cm  Weight: IP20: 8KG IP65 / IP67: 11KG

5 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

1 , What does RGBCCT mean?

Means 5 colors in one led which is warm white, white, red, green, blue.

2 , What’s the different in RGBW and RGBWW?

RGBW is 4in1 color, RGBWW is 5in1 type.

3 , What color temp in the two white?

One is 2700K, another is 6500K

4 , Why I need two different white color?

With two different white colors it will help you get any white color you need.