Product Description 

 Single color dimmer can achieve step-less dimming. It adopts the knob control manner. According to actual needs, users can transfer the light to the appropriate brightness.

Input voltage:DC12-24V
Output power:<96W(8A*1CH)
Net weight:57g Gross weight:79g
White box:L93*W63*H63mm
Outbox size:35.5*34*40cm/100pcs

Model: LW-T4
Input voltage:DC12-24V
Output power:<360W(30A*1CH)
Net weight:120g Gross weight:150g
White box:L90*W72*H42mm
Outbox size:38.5*37.5*25cm/100pcs
Output: V-/V+

Model: TOUCH-MB05
Input Voltage:DC12-24V
Output Power:<144W(4A*3CH)
Net weight:128g Gross weight:187g
product sizes:L86*W86*H36mm
Package sizes:L112*W104*H54mm
box sizes:41.5*34.5*29.5cm/50pcs

Model: RF-T1
Input Voltage:DC5-24V
Output Power:<96W(8A*1CH)
Net weight:75g Gross weight:102g
product sizes:L115*W56*H34mm
Package sizes:L120*W84*H45mm
box sizes:49.5*44*26cm/100pcs
Output: V-/V+

Model: RF-T2
Input Voltage:DC12-24V
Output Power:<360W(30A*1CH)
Net weight:150g Gross weight:180g
product sizes:L65*W63*H35mm
Package sizes:L90*W72*H42mm
box sizes:38.5*37.5*25cm/100pcs
Output: V-/V+

Model: DT81
Input Voltage:DC12-24V
Output Power:<144W(4A*3CH)
Net weight:91g Gross weight:120g
product sizes:L85*W45*H23mm
Package sizes:L135*W80*H55mm
box sizes:57*42*29cm/100pcs
Output: V+ / V-/V-/V-

Model: RFTC-01
Input Voltage:DC12-24V
Output Power:<216W(6A*3CH)
Net weight:213g Gross weight:367g
product sizes:L83*W79*H32mm
Package sizes:L204*W133*H48mm
box sizes:69*42*26cm/50pcs
Output: V+ / R-/G-/B-