Product Description:

Touch panel dimmer controller is a new high-end controller which newly developed by our company. It adopts glass panel design with a beautiful and fashionable appearance. It adopts high precision capacitance touch control chip to increase the touch sensitivity and reduces mistake trigger. It is used for controlling a variety of lamp whose source of light is LED. For instance, point source of light,flexible light strip, wall washer lamp, panel lights etc., it has many advantages such as convenient to connect, easy to use and others. 

Technical Parameters:

  • Working Temperature:-20-60℃
  • Supply Voltage:DC12~24V
  • Output:3 Channels(Three simultaneous outputs)
  • Connection Mode:Common Anode
  • External Dimension:L86ΧW86ΧH36 mm
  • Packing Size:L115ΧW110ΧH56 mm
  • Net Weight: 130g
  • Gross Weight: 187g
  • Static Power Consumption:<1W
  • Output Current:<4A(each channel)
  • Output Power:12V<144W,  24V<288W

External Dimension:

Direction for Use:

2、standard change is shown in the below table:

Mode No. Dynamic Modes Remark
1 Gradual Fade Brightness is not adjustable, speed is adjustable.
2 Fade once and flash three times
3 Strobe Flash
4 Blasting Flash
5 Automatic Mode

Note: Every time touch control works , the indicator light will flash a prompt in the top right corner of the panel.

Typical Applications:

Installation Method:


  • This products Input voltage is DC12-24V,other input voltage are not allowed.
  • Lead wire should be connected correctly,according to the wire color and the connecting diagram offers.
  • Overload are prohibited.