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Product Features:

◆ Dual Color led strip at AC200-240V.
◆ Main chips quantity per meter is 432pcs.
◆ CRI have 90+
◆ The PCB width is 10mm.
◆ The backing 3M can be another type as you want. Normal use is yellow 3M.
◆ Waterproof IP: IP67
◆ Color is: 2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K
◆ Beam :180°

COB led strip specification

The COB led strip is a very good used for cover, Cabinet & Furniture soffit lighting, showcase and display path and contour making. Edge, and back lighting.

Advantage: High Voltage COB strip
Part NO: LW-COB026
LED Qty: 432pcs per meter
Input Voltage: AC200-240V
Watts: 220V(12W)
Color: 2700K,3000K,4000K,6000K
PCB Width Color: 10mm White
IP Grade: IP67
Operating temperature: .-25 to 45℃
Beam angle: 180 degree
Certification: CE; RoHS
Max Run: 50M
Min Run:


Products Details:

1. Wide viewing Angle up to 180 degree.


COB led strip are 180 degree viewing angle. SMD LED Strip type is normally 120 degree viewing angle.
Put the chips on board then put Phosphor on chips let the viewing angle bigger, then it’s less dark zone

2. Excellent CCT uniformity for continuous orders.

With our experience engineer team. we can keep excellent CCT uniformity for continuous orders. and keep Color- Consistency: 3 SDCM.
Ensure your every orders same color, and continuouse provide super work for your customers.

3. Sheathed Wire


We pay attention to every details, the connect cable we use 22AWG pure copper Sheathed wire with Plug

4. Excellent Iinear Iighting performance, Dot FREE.

High-Voltage COB LED Strip:High-Voltage COB led strip luminescent colloid is formed continuously and uninterruptedly, with no light spots and soft light.

Ordinary LED Strip:Other manufacturers of led light strips, the led chips obviously, low brightness, with light spots

5. Waterproof type.

Extruded Silicone waterproof

Put in tube waterproof

6. Very nice color and it’s main color temperature.

7. High CRI type, based on 90, even RA > 95

8. Dimensions:


9. Connect drawing:



Box Size:L22*W22*H29cm 2 reels per box

Weight IP67: 8KG



Box Size: 43*43*35cm 50 reels per box

Weight: IP67: 12KG

5 of the Most Common Customer Questions (FAQ)

1, What is the COB LED light Strip?

The full name of the COB led strip is: Chip On Board, which is a method of directly binding the LED chips to the PCB board. 

2, Can COB LED strips be cut?

Yes, COB LED STRIP can be cut.

3, Are COB LED Strips dimmable?

Yes, it’s can be dimmable with dimmer controller.

4, What is the advantages of led strip?
  • The light-emitting chip adopts flip-chip technology, which has a cost advantage with the same number of lamp beads.
  • Shorter heat dissipation path and lower thermal resistance, less light decay.
  • No silver plating, no vulcanization risk
  • Lighting angle can reach 180 degrees
5, What is the disadvantages of led strip?
  • Poor color consistency control.

This is determined by the difference in the manufacturing process of COB LED STRIP and SMD light strips. The production process of SMD led strip is to first produce SMD lamp beads, and then split each lamp bead, and make the light bead after light separation to achieve color consistency on the same board. The COB LED STRIP is to flip the chip on the PCB board, and then drop the phosphor to achieve white light. Without the steps of light splitting, there is no way to achieve the consistency of the SMD led strip.

  • Low power

Because the chips of the COB LED STRIP are too dense, it will affect the heat dissipation, so the power cannot be made too large, at most 14W per meter, and the SMD lamp beads of the SMD led strip have brackets, which can dissipate heat and can achieve 18W.

  • Low luminous efficiency.

At present, the highest luminous efficiency of COB LED STRIP is: 120LM/W. SMD has a high-power lamp bead that can achieve 160-170LM/W. If the power requirement exceeds 120LM, you still need to choose a high-brightness SMD led strip.

  • Flip chip, the defect rate is higher than that of SMD led stripwhen making waterproof led strip.